4 Best Wireless Earbuds that Last Full Day (24 hours)

Wireless earbuds that can play for 24 hours are ideal for those who don’t want to charge them often. This means you can use them all day without worrying about the battery dying. I’ve found that earbuds with long battery life are very useful in everyday life, especially when going to the gym, running errands or taking long car rides.

Name Earbud Battery time Earbud + Charging Case Battery life Charging time
Master & Dynamic MW08 12 hours 42 45 minutes
Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 10 hours 80 hours Charge 15 minutes for 2 hours playtime
Edifier TWS1 PRO 12 hours 42 hours Charge 15 minutes for 2 hours playtime
Back Bay Duet 50 Pro 8 hours 130 hours 2.5 hours

4 Best Wireless Earbuds that Last at least 24 hours

1. Master & Dynamic MW08 – 42 Hours Playtime

With a maximum battery life of 12 hours with ANC turned off, these earbuds give you long listening sessions without needing to be plugged into an outlet. Furthermore, if you ever do find yourself running low on battery, you can quickly half charge them in 15 minutes and fully charge them in 45 minutes.

Even better, they come with a metal charging case that can provide an additional 30 hours of battery life – that’s almost two full days!

Master & Dynamic MW08 - 42 hours battery life

The standard MW08 model doesn’t include wireless charging capabilities, if you’re looking for this feature, consider upgrading to Master & Dynamic’s MW08 Sports model. This Sports model features not only wireless charging but also comes in Kevlar material charging case which fortified to withstand even the most intense workouts.

I particularly like its Bluetooth 5.2 capabilities which give me a more stable connection. The 11mm Beryllium drivers deliver impressive sound right out of the box and AAC/AptX audio codecs ensure crystal clear transmission.

To customize the listening experience even further, download the M&D connect app to adjust the strength of your noise cancellation – with options ranging from Max ANC (for deeper quiet) or All Day ANC (prolonged battery life).

The companion app M&D Connect allows me to easily control functions such as play/pause, volume levels, battery optimization and more with my smartphone.

On top of that, they are IPX5 certified – essentially meaning they’re sweat and splash-proof no matter where your workout takes you. But remember, the charging case itself does not carry this level of protection so it’s best kept away from any type of water interactions.

I was at first disappointed by the fact that the MASTER & DYNAMIC MW08 do not come with custom EQ settings. However, after listening to them for a few days, I must say I’m still impressed with what these earbuds offer. Even in their default state, there are excellent details for both lows and highs which can please the sound preference of most people.

When you purchase the Master & Dynamic MW08 True Wireless Earphones, you get everything you need to get started right away. From the four pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes, ranging from XS to XL, to the USB-C charging cable and USB-A converter allowing you to charge your earphones anywhere, you don’t have to worry about purchasing any extras. To top it off, there’s also a beautiful velvet travel pouch that ensures your earphones stay safe and sound even when on the go. Now you’re all set for immersing into hours of crystal clear sound listening!

2. Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 – 80 Hours Playtime

Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 feature an incredible battery life of up to 10 hours on their own and a case capacity of 70 hours mean you’re never without sound for long.

The best part? A 15-minute top up charge gives you 2 hours of music playback time! Furthermore, the earbuds offer wireless charging so you can stop using clunky cables.

Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 earbud with 80 hours playtime

I can vouch for how user-friendly Lypertek’s PurePlay Z3 2.0 earphones are. In addition to having easy to use buttons, they allow you to access voice assistance with just the press of one button. To make this even better, pressing the same button also activates their Hear Through mode. This is quite helpful when wanting to hear your surroundings while listening to your music or when participating in an important audio call but still needing some external sound at the same time.

These earbuds are also great for outdoor days, it has an IPX7 rating which makes it water and dustproof. With Bluetooth 5.2, these earbuds pair quickly with any compatible device and offer AAC, AptX and SBC codecs for maximum quality tunes.

The Purecontrol app provides users with personalized audio settings based on preference which means they truly get the most out of their new earbuds.

The Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 provide listeners with a great audio experience: their 6mm Graphene-coated drivers deliver high-quality sound, while Qualcomm’s 3040 chipset has an excellent DSP that prevents listener fatigue from harsh treble.

However, if you don’t favor the bright default sound profile, the Purecontrol app allows you to customize your 7-band EQ. The app also provides additional features such as LDX audio, customizable buttons, ambient mode, firmware updates, and earbud tracking.

Lypertek’s PurePlay Z3 2.0 have a lot of impressive features including audio quality and battery life, however, the lack of active noise cancelling (ANC) is a downside that shouldn’t go understated.

If you rely on ANC to filter out ambient noise or isolate sound, then these earbuds may not be a great choice; they also aren’t very suitable if you’re looking to make phone calls with them.

3. Edifier TWS1 Pro – 42 Hours Battery Life Earbuds

I recently got a chance to try the Edifier TWS1 Pro and I’m impressed by what’s in store here.

It enhances the sound quality from the original TWS1 and gets you up to 12 hours of battery life, with an additional 30 hours given from the convenient charging case — truly impressive for its price point.

Plus, with fast charging feature, you can get two hours of playback time in just 15 minutes. The charge case itself only takes 40 minutes to recharge, which means you have a quick turnaround time on full power. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not included.

Edifier TWS1 Pro 42 hours battery time

As budget earbuds, the Edifier TWS1 Pro offer an impressive level of audio quality for their price. With touch-sensitive controls, you can play/pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume without having to take out your phone. The well-tuned drivers provide a V-shaped sound signature that has punchy bass and clear highs.

I love that they’re also IP65 waterproof and dust resistant; perfect if I happen to be out and about when a sudden rain shower pops up! And you can’t forget about convenience; the charging case has a carrying handle, so taking them with me on the go is easier than ever.

The Bluetooth 5.2 connection promises to provide a seamless connection with your device, while the AptX and SBC codecs ensure great audio quality streaming.

I do appreciate that Edifier offers a 12-month warranty for any defects. That’s not an excessive amount of time, but it’s certainly welcome considering that these are small devices prone to accidents.

Despite being the updated version, these buds have the same modest design as their non-pro counterparts just with slightly upgraded features. Unfortunately there’s no options for ANC and customizing the controls or changing the EQ since Edifier doesn’t have a companion app for this model.

4. Back Bay Duet 50 Pro – 130 Hours Battery Life Earbuds

I was pretty impressed with the Back Bay Duet 50 Pro earbuds and their features. Boasting 8 hours of playback time, this pair is a mid-end choice that is on par with most wireless earbuds.

What really set these headphones apart though was the 122 hours of additional power in the charging case. This has been an absolute game-changer for me; I don’t think I’ve charged the case itself since I purchased it months ago. Even better, the case can be used as a portable 2600 mAh power bank for phones and tablets – making it perfect for life on the go.

Back Bay Duet 50 Pro - longest every charging case time

Sadly, this high level of battery life comes with a problem: it takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge the Duet 50 Pro from empty.

With the Back Bay Duet 50 Pro, you can enjoy the same low-profile design and snug fit of the original Duet 50 with a few upgrades. These earbuds feature excellent audio quality with both AptX and AAC technology, and intuitive physical buttons that let you control everything right at your fingertips.

Even better, you can use mono audio mode for even longer listening time. Plus, unlike the original model, this one has up to 40 hours of battery life on the charging case.

The Duet 50 Pro also comes with an array of other useful features to enhance your listening experience, such as 6 pairs of silicone ear tips and a USB-C cable provided in the box.

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