Best Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life in 2023

A good pair of truly wireless earbuds might decide between a pleasant and unpleasant journey or an everyday workout session. A wireless earbud with a long battery life will certainly come in handy when traveling long distances or doing extended workouts at the gym. The longest battery life Bluetooth earbuds will ensure uninterrupted music listening and have a blissful time by guaranteeing that you do not run out of battery power.

True wireless earphones are now among the most in-demand technological products widely available within a competitive price range. They come in different sizes and shapes with modern technologies like active noise cancellation, multiple time charging cases, and equalizer settings for preferable sound settings extended battery timing for convenience. So while traveling and going places, they come in handy.

There are plenty of choices depending on your use, whether you want to use it for casual purposes or during sports. Here are a few reviews on the best Bluetooth earbuds with long battery life depending on user likeness and my personal experience. These might help you to decide your best companion for a blissful acoustic time.

Best Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

Image Product Price
Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbud Check Price
Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless for Workouts Check Price
Samsung Galaxy EarBuds Pro Check Price
Apple AirPods Pro Check Price
Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Canceling Earbuds Check Price
New Beats Studio EarBuds, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones Check Price
SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live Check Price
SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 – Bluetooth In-Ear Buds Check Price
Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Earbuds Check Price
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Check Price

1. Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbud

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbud

The Sony WF-1000XM4 are premium true wireless earbuds that compete with several rising brands. The Sony WF-1000XM4’s casing and earbuds have been greatly reduced in size compared to its predecessor WF-1000XM3 without compromising performance. They are compact and lightweight, and you can enjoy long-hour usage. In addition, they are no connectivity issues and instantly connect with any android, iPhone, or other wireless device.

The reviewed earbuds last slightly longer than most competitors: they provide about twelve hours of music and approximately 5.5 hours of talk time. However, one of the best active noise cancellation options can last for eight hours of music, which is not bad. Furthermore, the charging case uses Qi charging or USB- C type to fully charge and provides charging twice with the music entertainment time of an impressive twenty-four hours.

The XM4 are truly wireless earbuds with excellent sound quality and Alexa for music access. They generate audio rich in clearance with crystal clear vocals and bass that is comfy to your ears. But you can always use the equalizer setting best suiting to your taste using the app. The active noise cancellation option is one o

Key Features

  • Impressive 8-hour battery life with noise cancellation technology
  • Integrated V1 processor
  • Built-in Alexa for music access
  • IPX4 Water resistance
  • Automatic voice reduction during conversations

Most importantly, they use an impressive active noise cancellation technology which is convenient and an excellent feature. Additionally, these earbuds are water and sweat-resistant and easily pocketable.  Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbud uses LDAC Bluetooth, which is very rare.

The controls are great and very responsive. Although they fit quite well for most people yet some may not like the size. Overall, long-lasting wireless earbuds are a great addition to your gadgets and will not disappoint.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • LDAC support with Hi-res Audio
  • Comfy to wear for longer durations
  • Equalizer with reliable touch controls


  • New ear tips can be awkward

2. Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless for Workouts

Bose Sport Earbuds Wireless for Workouts

When it comes to working out, the Bose Sport Earbuds are the most comfortable on the market, and they provide significant upgrades over the original Bose Sound Sport Free. Despite having an IPX4 certification, the Sport Earbuds are not only water-resistant, but they also have a great sound quality to match.

In addition to being devoid of any buttons, the Bose Sport Earbuds include a touch panel on the exterior of each housing. You may stop playback by pressing and holding the right earbud for two seconds or by removing it. In addition, only the right bud has a sensor for automated ear recognition, which allows for play/pause functions to be activated automatically. Another attractive feature available via the right earbud is mono listening.

At first sight, the ear tips seem frightening and are much bigger than your typical sleeve, yet they are very effective. No matter how many times you shook your head, the earphones remained securely in place on your ears. In addition, the Bose Sport Earbuds case does not depend on the magnets to close the cover, as opposed to other genuine wireless headsets. Instead, four LEDs on the outside of the case show the power left in the battery.

Key Features

  • Form: In-ear
  • Control System: Touch
  • Connectivity: Wireless/Bluetooth
  • Microphone
  • IPX4 water-resistant

BOSE Sport Earbuds are intended to help you get the most out of your workout by delivering renowned realistic sound and providing a pleasant, secure fit. Bose’s unique acoustic port design and high-efficiency drivers produce expansive sound despite a tiny acoustic enclosure. In addition, the Volume-Optimized Active EQ, exclusive to Bose, automatically adjusts the bass, midrange, and treble according to how loud or quiet you play your music.


  • Weather and sweat resistant
  • USB-C type case for fast charging
  • Active equalizer control settings
  • Allows mono listening on the right earbud


  • Lacks multipoint Bluetooth connectivity

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3. Samsung Galaxy EarBuds Pro Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy EarBuds Pro Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy earbuds Pro has been repainted in its original shiny metallic finish. The clamshell-style charging case for the beans is also making a comeback. The container is tiny but robust, and the earbuds fit securely within it, held in place by magnets. Many of the same characteristics are found in more expensive true wireless earbuds that you would find in more expensive true wireless earbuds.

The appropriate size rubber tips fit securely, and you should not have any problems with them falling out throughout your journey. Additionally, the buds continue to feel secure when exercising, but long-distance runners may put this to the test with severe jostling. Samsung Galaxy earbuds Pro is also IPX7 certified for sweat resistance, which means it can withstand almost everything you can throw at them at the gym.

Many Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro functions are controlled by the Galaxy Wearable app, which is free from the Samsung website. You may enable or disable noise-canceling capabilities, enable or disable ambient sound, configure or turn off touch controls, experiment with various EQ profiles, and much more. For example, the noise-canceling feature has two loud and low settings, and you may choose between them at any time you want. However,  included EQ profile already has Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost, which can not be changed.

Key Features

  • 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter (each earbud)
  • IPX7 water-resistant
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Microphone
  • Controls: Touch

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro goes well beyond these outstanding features for those who already possess a Samsung phone or tablet. For them, these earbuds are the missing jigsaw piece that brings everything in Samsung’s universe together.


  • Good sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation control
  • Wireless charging


  • No google assistance

4. Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

The AirPods Pro from Apple is the most widely used headphone in the world. These devices rapidly rose to prominence in their respective category due to their exceptional simplicity of use and compact enough carrying case to be taken anywhere. With their elegant appearance and excellent sound quality, these second-generation AirPods include wireless charging as well as a few additional improvements.

AirPods Pro has a bigger design with two black microphone vents on the top of the head. Another microphone is hidden behind a vent at the very top of the stem. A thin shiny chrome circle is located at the bottom of the design. Furthermore, silicone ear-tip is a new and noteworthy addition. Apple’s AirPods Pro version on a passthrough sound mode, which it refers to as transparency, is one of the finest implementations of the technology to date.

The AirPods Pro has a battery life of 4.5 hours when the noise-canceling feature is turned on. However, if you turn off the noise-canceling, you should get five hours of battery life, the same as the standard AirPods model. Charging is quick from the case and obtaining an hour of usage from 5 minutes.

Key Features

  • Control: touch and press
  • Microphone
  • Wireless charging
  • Connectivity: Wireless

Apple AirPods Pro ensures they’re the correct fit, to the fact that there’s a tiny air vent to make putting them in or taking them out a more pleasant experience. Overall, admirers of the Apple mentality will be delighted with their purchase on this occasion. These Bluetooth earbuds with long battery life are the right fit for everyday use and athletes.


  • Software integration with iOS
  • Balanced sound
  • Quick access to Siri.
  • Sweat and water-resistant


  • Bit expensive, but the brand has earned its worth.

5. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Canceling Earbuds

A seemingly never-ending quest for the best noise-canceling earphones has been waged. Finally, you’ve found the solution to your problem with Bose’s long-lasting earbuds in an aesthetic style and design. Water and sweat resistance is also certified at IPX4 but stay away from rainstorms. The notable feature is its prevention of highly sensitive occlusion effect.

Bluetooth 5.1 technology is used in these earbuds, and they have a range of approximately 9 meters. SBC and AAc Bluetooth support is also designed in Bose’s earbuds. Because iOS is capable of using the high-end AAC codec, this is excellent news for iPhone users. In addition, it is possible to force SBC from the developer settings of your Android phone if the inconsistent streaming quality becomes too much of a hassle.

Furthermore, Bose has touch controls with a sequence of taps and swipes. They also maintained a steady 75dB output, and they lasted for 5 hours and 29 minutes with active noise- cancellation. However, by putting the earphones in the case for just 15 minutes, you may get two hours of usage out of them. It also supports Qi wireless charging, but the pace is restricted by the particular mat you are using.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, SBC, AAC
  • Charging: USB-C cable, wireless, and Qi-certified charging
  • Noise-rejecting microphones
  • IPX4-rated wireless earbuds

Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds aren’t just the life of the party when the track calls for it. These flexible earbuds enable a track’s emotion and more delicate components to make their presence felt. Initially, the track’s calm backdrop enables the voice to shine out until the chorus catapults it to new levels of popularity. A deep and pulsating bassline adds depth and character to the track with these valued earbuds.


  • Best noise-cancellation
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Exceptional acoustic quality
  • Volume optimized Active EQ


  • The case is relatively larger

6. New Beats Studio EarBuds, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones 

New Beats Studio EarBuds, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones

The new Beats Studio earphones are the most balanced and best-tuned headphones with the best battery life wireless earbuds the company has ever made. They can produce deep, pounding bass, yet they do not overwhelm the well-balanced treble and high frequencies. In addition, they can handle complicated overlapping tones, with excellent separation of instruments and crystal-clear voices.

Active Sounds Cancelling technology in the Beats Studio earphones dynamically blocks out undesired external noise. Additionally, transparency mode utilizes external-facing microphones to blend the sounds of the environment for a more natural listening experience.

Furthermore, If you’re using an Android device, you may access extra product features by downloading the Beats app. For example, beats earbuds offer 8 hours of battery time and can be recharged twice with a pocket-sized charging case enhancing it to 24 hours of combined battery time.

Key Features

  • Weight: 5.1g each
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, SBC, AAC
  • Driver size: 8.2mm
  • Water resistance: IPX4
  • Case charging: USB-C type

They are stable and pleasant to sit in for extended amounts of time, offer a strong connection to your phone, and feature simple-to-use button controls. In addition, they are easy to live with because of their long battery life and sturdy, though somewhat bigger, casing.


  • Noise-cancellation control
  • Work with both android and IOS products
  • Premium quality sound
  • Well-balanced and well-tuned


  • Struggle a bit with wind noise

7. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life

Meet the earphones with a distinctive form and an ergonomic design that allow you to tune in to every minute of your day. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a fantastic pair of truly wireless earbuds that people enjoy wearing all day. In addition, they are equipped with active noise-canceling technology to improve listening.

Galaxy Buds Live is the world’s first ACN truly wireless technology with an open-type. Background ACN lowers noise without affecting real sounds, such as voices and announcements. ANC is easily activated with a single long push of the button. More importantly, the big driver and bass duct assist in the emission of deep bass while allowing sound to travel smoothly. The Galaxy Buds Live’s ergonomic form is complemented by 12mm speakers with sound from AKG, which provides expansive sound.

Additionally, a single full charge offers enough playtime for a whole workday. The case can charge the earbuds twice. Listening time is increased to 8 hours. 29 hours battery life is also achievable when the case and earbuds are 100% charged.

Key Features

  • Earbuds weight: 5.6g
  • Technology: ACN, Voice wake-up
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Codec: Scalable, AAC, SBC
  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone

The Galaxy Buds Live are small and comfortable to wear in the ear. Its ergonomic shape is tight while non-intrusive, and it comes in two wingtip sizes for a more customized fit. So you may run an errand, get through your day, or go for a run without falling your ears.


  • Touch and hold control system
  • Water-resistant with IPX2 standard
  • 3 built-in mics and a voice pick-up unit enhance call quality
  • Multipoint Bluetooth connectivity


  • It may sometimes be uncomfortable for a tiny ear

8. SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 – Bluetooth In-Ear Buds

SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 – Bluetooth In-Ear Buds

Momentum Wireless earbuds have been cut down, making them more slimline and a bit less bulky in your palm and ears. The sound quality is unmatched with enhanced bass. Hence, many contemporary songs would sound excellent.

Additionally, SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 fully supports ANC. To turn on or off the noise-canceling feature, you may use the touch-sensitive controls on the headphones or the Sennheiser Smart Control app for iOS and Android smartphones with just a toggle switch. Similarly, a series of touches on the right earbud activates the voice assistant, toggles transparent hearing on and off, and turns off the active noise-canceling feature.

As a bonus, you also receive four different sizes of silicone ear tips, ranging from extremely tiny to big, as well as a 20cm USB-C cable to charge the charging case. LED indicator changes color depending on how much battery life is left in the earphones or the case. The Momentum True Wireless 2 does not come with many extras, but they’re sufficient for the most part.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Speaker: 7mm dynamic driver
  • Microphone frequency is between10 kHz-100 Hz
  • Frequency response is between 21,000 Hz – 5Hz to
  • Active noise-cancellation

These Sennheiser earbuds are among the best we’ve heard so far when it comes to sound quality. These earbuds may be a bit expensive, but they are worth the value. The fact that Sennheiser is one of the most established and well-regarded audio businesses on the planet can easily be explained by the fact that they provide everything you might want in an appealing package. Even though the technology is new, they are well-versed in how to execute it correctly.


  • Well-balanced acoustic quality
  • Active noise-cancellation control
  • IPX4 for water-resistance
  • Voice assistant support


  • Specially designed for hi-priced gadgets

9. Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t has performed a sophisticated algorithmic simulator to create high-performance earbuds. Additionally, each earbud has a unique grip coating that helps to keep them in place when you’re working out, especially running.

Elite Active 75t are completely waterproof and sweatproof IP57 certification. Nothing stands in your way of intensive training for climbing up to your dreams. With a sophisticated battery management system and a low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, you can go on your longest run.

When it comes to crystal clear call quality, digital signal processing of algorithm’s ground-breaking and revolutionary beam form technology raises the bar. In addition, with the ANC switched on, you can get up to 5.5 hours of continuous usage, or up to 24 hours if you utilize the charging case. Speaking of the case, it’s tiny and has strong magnets that hold the earbuds in place, USB-C charging, which includes rapid charging, and an upright shape that’s convenient to use.

Key Features

  • Speaker: 6mm
  • Microphone: 4 built-in
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, multipoint
  • Water-resistant: IP57 rated protection
  • Compatibility: Android, IOS

These long battery life wireless earbuds are comfortable to use. They come with three different ear tips to suit most users to ensure a tight fit while optimizing audio quality. In addition, both earphones are coated with Jabra’s grip coating, ensuring that they remain in place throughout your exercises. The Jabra Elite Active 75t are a fantastic set of exercise headphones because of their IP57 certification, comfortable fit, and excellent isolation performance.


  • Water-resistant and dust-proof
  • Crystal clear call with a quality microphone
  • Voice assistance: Alexa, Siri, Google assistance
  • Quick Charging


  • Sensitive control system

10. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro 

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Anker is one of the few cheap manufacturers that offer an ear tip fit test to assist you in finding the most comfortable ear tips. Although they are very lightweight, you won’t have to worry about them slipping out of your ears during even the most strenuous exercise sessions. They also feature an IPX4 rated protection certification.

With these high-quality earbuds, you can enjoy any situation noise-free. It is due to the triple-mode noise cancellation. In addition, the touch controls allow adjusting the playback and noise-cancellation. Furthermore, there is an option to choose what will be adjusted on the earbuds with various taps and combinations.

The LDCA codec in Liberty Air 2 Pro can transmit three times the amount of data from your smartphone to the earphones while maintaining high-quality music. Furthermore, AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs are also supported Bluetooth 5.0 built-in technology. The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro is fully customizable to meet your specific requirements and tastes.

Key Features

  • Earbud Weight: 5.2g (each)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, AAC, SBC
  • Water-resistance: IPX4 protection
  • Charging: Case USB-C, Qi wireless
  • LDAC
  • Speaker Driver:11mm

Anker is among the longest battery life wireless earbuds. Because these earbuds fail to filter out ambient noises below 100Hz, Anker may be boosting the low end to compensate for the impacts of auditory masking on the product’s sound quality. So, bass notes won’t be overwhelmed since the music will compete with low-frequency noise from your surroundings.


  • Wider bandwidth frequency of 30%
  • Bass boosted to 45%
  • The charging case can charge earbuds 3-times
  • EQ is adjustable of up to 22% sound profile


  • ANC sometimes slightly affects the sound signature

Long Battery Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

Given a large number of available true wireless audio choices on the market, selecting the most appropriate one for your needs may be challenging or overwhelming for some. However, here are some factors which you might need to look at before purchasing a wireless earbud set.


Probably the essential thing to consider is the brands you are contemplating purchasing. Those brands with a large product portfolio and have been manufacturing audio devices for a long time are more likely to create high-quality and durable earbuds to provide better sound and other benefits.


Pricing correctly and investing the appropriate quantity of money is also more critical. For example, if you purchase a device at a low price and then discover that it does not provide the sound quality you were expecting, you will have wasted both the money and your time purchasing it.

Build and Design

The design is the second most essential consideration. The proper design and fit are critical when purchasing a product that will be worn constantly and for an extended period.

If you want to use your earphones in the gym or while running, it is also a good idea to pick earbuds with unique mechanisms to place them. Take a look at alternatives like the Amazfit PowerBuds, which come with an optional ear attachment.


If you want to use your buds in bed, participating in sports, or while near water, it is possible that touch-based gestures may sometimes fail to activate or, even worse, will trigger without your knowledge. Earbuds with physical buttons that you can press to activate the device provide more control, although they may be less water-resistant as a consequence of this.

Acoustic Quality

Good earbuds should provide a rich, balanced sound that is neither too light nor too strong on bass. Analyzing the speaker driver set is also essential to avoid the hollow sound. The adequate drive type is 6mm. However, if you are looking for a much richer sound, go for at least a 10mm driver type.

When you make a phone conversation, your earbuds may sound great on the outside, but they may sound terrible on the inside. That is a poor set of earbuds. If you want to use your earphones for conversations and multiplayer gaming regularly, search for devices that feature either several microphones or an excellent noise-cancellation control system.


Battery life is very important. The greater the battery capacity of your earbuds, the longer they will be able to operate on a single charge. If your case has a large enough capacity, it will be able to charge your buds more than once each charge. Also, remember that most manufacturers promoting a figure when talking about battery life generally refers to the amount of time music can be played back. When it comes to phone calls, that number will generally be a little lower.

Additional Features

Whatever brand of earbuds you want to purchase, it is preferable to limit your attention to unimportant aspects. For example, if you have no intention of using your earbuds in the shower, don’t search for the most water-resistant device available; instead, look for the product with the greatest sound quality available at that price point.


1-What are the benefits of truly wireless earbuds?

True wireless earbuds are the most convenient choice if you need the maximum amount of portability. All versions, regardless of price, come with a carrying case that may also be used as a charging station. Because these earbuds do not have wires, they are the ideal partner for athletes who participate in strenuous sports such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

2-What is active noise-cancellation (ANC) in an earbud?

ANC is a technology that utilizes microphones and speakers to decrease background and surrounding sounds in the workplace. In over-ear headphones, this is the most common kind, and it is also the most well-known. However, true wireless in-ear earbuds are now possible because technological advances have shrunk in size and become more energy efficient.

3- How to test the sound quality of earbuds?

To determine the frequency range of your headphones, you may listen to a song with a variety of pitches and see how they sound. Low-frequency noises, such as those produced by bass guitars or baritone voices, should be paid close attention to. These tones should be deep but yet sharp and rich in sound. Some earbuds can detect frequencies as low as 20Hz.

4- Which speaker driver is best for earbuds?

The most appropriate driver size is determined by the design of the specific earbuds in question. The diameter of earphone drivers ranges between 8mm and 15mm. The sound waves produced by a stronger driver are deeper (especially in the bass and sub-bass), but this does not always imply that they sound better.

5- What is LDAC in earphones?

Savitech created the Low Latency High-Definition Audio Codec (LHDC), an audio codec technology that provides low latency and high definition audio. LHDC is a Bluetooth technology that enables high-resolution audio transmission.

Final Verdict

Truly wireless earbuds have evolved into something more than a means of listening to music. They’ve evolved into wearable devices capable of augmenting your smartphone experience. It might be challenging to investigate all of the specifications and even more difficult to comprehend the relative relevance of various features, especially if you’re new to purchasing wireless earbuds.

Based on customers’ reviews and comfortability in being portable and easily operable, here’s the list of top truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds with advanced features.

  • Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbud
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

It is vital to understand which earphones you require for your unique situation fully. While there is no such thing as an ideal earphone for everyone, the chances are that the best earbuds for you may not be an excellent choice for someone else. Prioritize quality over cost.

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