Mpow M9 Wireless Earbud Review

Mpow always meets the product quality in return for their budget value. Mpow M9 came with a 4-mic integration that provides the maximum voice with almost zero noise.


The matte black finish design made its simple look and capsule-like shape. At the top Mpow logo is crafted. In front 4 indicator led for charging at the back USB Type-C reversible port. The case size fits in hand and is easy to carry for daily use and long-haul travels.

The earbuds fit best for any ear kind. The surface is flat, having the led indicator.

The L / R Auto Switch provides the feature to connect any of both earpieces by picking them out from the case. Means true mono mode.

Sound Quality

2 out of 4 microphones reduce the ambient noises while 2 make your voice clear to be heard effortlessly. In terms of sound quality, these pairs are amazing.

Connectivity Range

M9 works perfectly over the range of 15 meters.


  • 4 mics for ultra-clear calls
  • L / R Auto Switch
  • IPX7 waterproof & sweatproof
  • Super noise cancellation
  • Deep Base


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Siri connect & Google Assistant

Battery Life

  • 6 Hour playtime
  • 34 Hours box charging backup
  • 90 mins case charge time from 0% to 100%

The upgraded version of the M9 provides a lasting battery life of 40-H playtime.

Mpow made it easy to check the battery from your device notification panel at the top. If you are hustling and do not have the time for a full charge, 10 mins of charge can provide non-stop listening for up to 2 hours.

Inside Box

  • User manual
  • VIP member card ( 2 years warranty)
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Ear-tips (S, M, L)


  • 4 Mics For Calls
  • L/R Auto Switch1
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0


  • Standard Sound Quality



If you are looking for earbuds that provide ultra-clear voice. M9 wins the game with its 4 mic 2 reduces the ambient noise, and 2 makes your voice clear for the listener. It is best for online presentations, lectures, and video streaming. Under this price tag, these earbuds value the money.


Is there is any interruption if the phone is inside the pocket?

Once you connect the earbuds, then under 15 meters you will not dace any connectivity issues.

Does the weight of the case is heavy?

No, the case is light-weight and easily fits in any pocket.

Does the mic work for PC?

Yes, you can easily connect the earbuds with a Laptop or PC for Skype calls and online lectures.

Is there is any delay in sound?

No, the pairs work perfectly without any delay or sound distortion.

How many mics are integrated into Mpow M9?

There are 4 mics 2 in each earbud. One reduces the outside noise while one makes your voice useful for listeners.

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