Edyell E-C5 Wireless Earbuds Review

EDYELL makes the most of Bluetooth 5.0. It has specially designed microscopes that can communicate extremely fast with any device you want to pair with the headphones. This feature is advanced that headphones automatically turn on and connect as soon as they have been taken out of the loaded case. 

BlueTooth Connectivity 5.0

The chips are developed enough to remember the device you paired with before. It has never been easier to get a grip and keep going. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is also excellent in terms of sound quality. Although entirely wireless, these headphones use a reliable connection that is not easy to break.

Waterproof IPX8

The ones are IPX8 waterproof. In short, the headphones have special nano-layers inside that provide them with sweat and water resistance functions. You will be able to use it in windy weather or while running and sweating in a storm without worrying about breaking it.

Light Weight

It is also very light. It does not shave your ears and is comfortable even after listening to it for several hours in a row. For extended listening times, the earbuds quickly charge their case. When combined with the battery in the charged case, they can run for 120 hours with the case and earbuds themselves. 

Easy Touch Controls

The same needs to be reloaded. It’s easy to know when you need to charge the case because there’s a smart LED display on top. Each ear provides touch control, allows you to play or pause your tracks, answer phone calls, or adjust the current song’s volume by tapping the ear repeatedly. 

Extra Comfort

For comfort, EDYELL comes with three ergonomic tips. You will easily insert silicone tips into your ears and see which one fits your unique shape easily. The more you wear it, the more it will eventually shape your inner ear and become more comfortable.

In terms of sound quality, EDYELL  E-C5 earbud is excellent overall. Each headset is designed with high-quality drivers and stereo audio functions for a 3D listening experience. The rich bass and deep tones are particularly robust and noticeable, so these are a great pair of headphones for running or training, as heavy workout tracks are usually on the bass.

EDYELL E-C5 Technology

The headphones support many modes of operation and use CVC and DSR technology. What is that? In essence, they work together to remove ambient noise and act as noise abatement elements for listening and phone call experiences. They do an excellent job of eliminating background noise that interferes with the quality of your listening experience.

However, these noise cancellation techniques are great because they do not completely block you from the outside world. If you plan to use these headphones while running, it is essential to listen to your surroundings when there is danger on the street. 

You can still use noise cancellation technology without fully immunizing yourself. It’s a nice touch that many will appreciate.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Ultra battery life
  • Fits well while running


  • The touch system is sensitive


E-C25 has a battery capacity of 3500mAh. Its stylish look makes it more attractive and portable.

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