How To Charge a Bluetooth Headset Without a Charger?

The only limitation of the Bluetooth wireless headsets is that they need to be charged after every few hours. Advanced Bluetooth headsets offer a longer battery life of up to 48 hours, but you still need to charge them for continuous use. Every Bluetooth headset comes with a charger.

But what if you forget the charger at home or the charger stops working? There are many situations in which you cannot charge your Bluetooth headset with a charger. Therefore, every Bluetooth headset owner must find out how to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger? So here are some genuinely tested and risk-free methods that I use to charge my Bluetooth headset without a charger.


Before we jump to methods, it is critical to check the compatibility of the Bluetooth headset with these methods. The older headset models use their specific charger, and you cannot use them with any other source. However, if you own the latest model, you can charge them with a power bank, laptops, and a variety of other power sources.

How To Charge Bluetooth Headset Without Charger?

Thankfully there are various safe and genuine methods that you can use to charge the Bluetooth headset when you don’t have a charger. You can quickly charge the Bluetooth headset with laptops, PCs, phones, or other portable devices that use batteries.

A USB connection is of prime importance if you want to charge your Bluetooth headsets without a charger. A universal serial bus connection is a standard connector used for charging many electric gadgets. The best thing about a USB connection is that you won’t face compatibility issues.

You can quickly charge it with a standard USB connection no matter what brand or model of headset you own. However, few headset models don’t use USB chargers, and you cannot charge them using a standard USB cable. So here are the three ways in which you can charge the Bluetooth headsets without a charger.

1. USB Cable Connection With Laptop

Charging Bluetooth headsets with laptops is pretty common since laptops use powerful batteries. These batteries are powerful enough to charge the headset on the go. You can charge the headphones with a laptop even when it is not fully charged.

Charging Bluetooth headsets with a laptop requires a regular USB cable, also known as a data cable. Make a USB connection between a Bluetooth headset and a laptop using this cable. If you want to charge the headset while using it, getting a longer USB cable is recommended.

However, if you keep using your headphones during charging, it may take longer to get a full charge. Since you are using a particular power source, we recommend using the Bluetooth headphones once they are fully charged.

2. USB connection With other Devices

For making a USB connection with a phone or tablet, you would require an OTG or On-The-Go cable along with a regular USB cable. An OTG cable comes with a female USB connector on one end and a USB 3.0 or Type-C connector on the other end. Before buying these cables, it is critical to consider whether the power source and headset feature a USB 3.0 or USB type-C cable and buy the cable accordingly.

To make a connection, connect the USB 3.0 or Type-C connector of the OTG-cable with your phone or any other power device. Then connect the female connector of OTG with the male USB connector of your data cable. Finally, connect the USB 3.0 or Type-C connector of the data cable with the headset.

3. Power Bank

The most convenient and safest method to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger is using a power bank. A power bank is a small gadget that lets you charge the headphones anywhere, anytime.

The best thing is that you will rarely find compatibility issues while charging the headphones with a power bank. Also, the advanced power banks offer fast charging features giving you a full charge within minutes.


The primary concern of users regarding these methods is: Is It Safe to Charge Bluetooth Headphones Without A Charger? Yes, it is absolutely safe to charge the Bluetooth headphones without a charger. The risk of damage due to higher current flow or high voltage is minuscule. However, it is not recommended to use headphones during charging. It results in overheating, which shortens the lifespan of your electronic gadgets.


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Does a Bluetooth headset need a charger?

Yes, Bluetooth needs a charger since they feature lithium-ion, rechargeable, non-replaceable batteries. The average battery life of advanced Bluetooth headsets is around 30 hours. Therefore you will need a charger to charge the Bluetooth headset.

However, if you are in situations where a charger or electric supply is not available, you can charge the Bluetooth headset using a power bank, laptops, phones, and other devices that use batteries.

How Do You Know If The Bluetooth Headsets Are Fully Charged?

Different headset models use different types of light indicators to show the charging status. Some Bluetooth headsets use the red light charging indicator, which turns green when the device gets fully charged. Others use the red light indicator that turns white or turns off when charging is complete.

Can I charge Bluetooth headphones with a mobile charger?

Yes, you can charge Bluetooth headphones with a mobile charger. The headset charger uses the same standard USB connection as phone chargers. Also, high voltage or high amperage risk is almost nil in the advanced Bluetooth headset charges. Therefore, it is okay to use a mobile charger to charge a Bluetooth headset.

How can I charge my Bluetooth headphones without a charger?

You can charge Bluetooth Headphones without a charger using different power sources like a Power Bank, laptops, or any other devices that use batteries. To develop a connection between the power source and Bluetooth headset, you will need different types of cables like USB or Data cables and On-The-Go USB cables.

Is it dangerous to use a Bluetooth headset while charging?

The chances of being electrocuted due to using the headphones while charging are almost nil. Therefore it is not dangerous for yourself but could be dangerous for your Bluetooth headsets. When you use the Bluetooth headset while charging, it heats up quickly. The higher temperature of the gadget shortens the battery’s lifespan and negatively affects headsets’ performance.

How Long Should I Charge My Bluetooth Headset For The First Time?

In general, the new Bluetooth headset comes fully charged, and there is no need to charge it before use. After using the headset for 4 to 5 hours, you can charge it for 15 to twenty minutes. Carefully monitor the charging indicator and do not overcharge the headsets.

Wrapping Up

Having so many options for charging make the Bluetooth headphones even more versatile and convenient. With a portable power bank or a standard USB connection with a power source, you can charge your Bluetooth headphones anywhere, anytime.

Since the USB connection is critical for all the methods mentioned above, buying headphones with a standard USB port is recommended. You can use the headphone while charging for important calls and meetings, but it is recommended to avoid this on a regular basis. It results in overheating that damages the headset’s battery and shortens its life span.

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