TOZO NC7 Wireless Earbud In Depth Review

The TOZO NC7 earbuds are a great economic conduit of music for music lovers. These truly wireless earbuds offer great value for money.

The immersive sound and effective noise cancellation of the TOZO NC7 earbud will surely deliver you into a world of endless entertainment.

Here we will be reviewing the TOZO NC7 truly wireless earbuds and shall try to answer your questions.

TOZO NC7 Earbud Specifications

TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
  • Build: Matte plastic
  • Weight: Lightweight (4.6 ounces)
  • Comfort: Silicone elastic earbuds for better grip and comfort
  • Battery: 10.5 hours on single charge/32 hours with case
  • Sound Quality: High-quality stereo sound (20Hz minimum)
  • Noise Cancellation: Hybrid 3 layer active noise cancellation
  • Sensors: Highly optimized optical sensors
  • Microphone: Outward and inward-facing microphones (x2)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

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TOZO NC7 Earbud Style And Design

The matte plastic build of the earphones ensures a sturdy build profile while keeping things light. The earbuds boast a rounded shape to enhance grip; however, some listeners may dislike this feature. The rounded design can feel a little bulky for some!

In-Ear Feel And Grip

TOZO NC7 wireless earbuds come with different-sized silicone ear tips (to fit different ear sizes). They impart a strong grip and comfortable in-ear feel.

A common issue encountered with most noise-canceling earphones is breathability. TOZO’s device aces this department and provides superb breathability. With this device, you won’t feel suffocated or excessively sweaty in the ears.

The small yet grippy earbuds won’t come off during vigorous activity, therefore, can be used during sports training and exercise. The small size and light weight of the earbuds (even with the case) make them portable and easy to carry in the pocket.

TOZO NC7 Earbud Sound Quality And Performance

Coming onto the main feature of an earbud. The TOZO NC7 offers good value for money with loud and crisp sound, subtle bass, and strong noise cancellation.

Noise Cancellation (Hybrid 3 Layer Active Noise Cancellation)

With the TOZO NC7, you can enjoy music even amidst the whirring of your airplane. Many users purchase this pair of earphones merely due to the superior active noise canceling (ANC) effects it possesses.

How do these NC7 earbuds noise cancellation work?

Well, the ergonomically designed earphones are laced with modern technology and a lot of bravura to cancel all external noise. 

Outward-Facing Microphone

The first step in bashing the outside noise is an outward-facing microphone that detects all external sounds and cancels them.

Inward-Facing Microphone

Then, inside, we have a super-efficient inward-facing microphone that picks up all internal sounds (inside the ear canal) and cancels them.

Ear Caps

The ear caps effectively prevent 90% of noise from entering the ear. As per users’ reviews, the deep fit better increases passive noise cancellation.

Now the question arises of how noise cancellation is turned on.

How Do I Turn On Noise Cancellation On TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

You can turn on Noise cancellation mode by pressing once on the left earbud. You can exit the ANC (active noise cancellation) mode by pressing again and entering the Transparent mode.

Transparency Mode

Passing time can be tough if you are waiting in an airport lounge waiting for your plane to dock. In such a condition, you can not shun the outside sounds and immerse yourself in the music.

For such times, the TOZO NC7 wireless earbuds offer a transparency mode where you can enjoy the music and still hear the outside sounds. With this mode, you will not be missing your name being announced at the airport counter!


The acoustic experts have left no table unturned to provide you with a unique music experience and quality stereo sound. There is not much to complain about; the balance, bass, and treble. The low frequency of 20Hz allows mellow midrange and clear treble.

TOZO NC7 Connectivity And Compatibility with other Devices

The TOZO wireless earbuds can be paired with both iOS and Android devices. The earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and ensure delivery of uninterrupted, crisp sound to iPhone and Android users.

How Do I Pair TOZO NC7?

Pairing your TOZO NC7 true wireless earphones is easy as it offers auto-pairing.

All you have to do is to follow the below steps.

  1. Remove the earbuds (both) from the charging case, and the earbuds will turn on automatically.
  2. Flashing of alternate red and blue lights means they are in pairing mode.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone/computer/tablet and search for TOZO-NC7 in available devices inside the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Select TOZO-NC7 and pair it.

Are TOZO NC7 Not Compatible With Playstation Or XBOX Consoles?

No, the TOZO NC7 won’t pair with your PlayStation or XBOX consoles. The connectivity is limited to smartphones and similar devices.

TOZO NC7 Case Charging And Battery Life

The case of the earphones supports fast charging, so you can expect it to reach 100% charge within no time. TOZO NC7 is the natural choice of travelers due to the long-lasting battery on the device.

How Do You Charge TOZO NC7?

The earbuds get charged when placed inside the case.

For charging the case, you need to plug the type C charger into the port on the case. Alternatively, you can place the case on the wireless charger for charging.

How Long Do TOZO NC7 Earbuds Take To Charge?

As per the manufacturer’s claim, the case reaches the full charge limit at around 1.8 hours.

Wireless charging is tidier and fancier but slower. Thus, it takes around 2.5 hours to charge the case fully via a wireless charger.

How Long Can TOZO NC7 Last?

The earbuds are beasts when it comes to battery life. Individuals who are into traveling a lot love the TOZO NC7. This travel partner has made many users ecstatic with its 10.5 hours of playtime from a single charge.

The charging case allows you to enjoy up to 32 hours of playtime.

TOZO NC7 Earbuds Controls

The touchpad on the center of the earbuds provides different types of controls.

How Do I Adjust The Volume Of My TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

To increase volume (volume up), you should press and hold the right earbud (for a couple of seconds), while for lowering it, you can similarly press the left earbud.

How Do I Change The Song On My TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

For shifting to the next song, you should tap twice on the right earbud (x2 on the right earbud).

For going to the previous song, tap twice on the left earbud (x2 on the left earbud).

How Do I Pause A Song On My TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

To Play/Pause, tap on the right earbud of TOZO NC7 earbuds.

How Do I Attend Call On My TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

Tapping on any earbud (left or right) answers the call while holding on to either the earbuds hanging up the call.

How Do Activate Siri On My TOZO NC7 Earbuds?

Tapping thrice on either earbud (x3) activates Siri.

TOZO NC7 Water Resistance

Are The TOZO NC7 Waterproof Earbuds?

Yes, the ergonomically-designed earbuds provide IPX6 waterproofing, thanks to the efficient nano-coating on the device.

Can I Wear TOZO NC7 Earbuds In The Shower/While Swimming?

No, waterproofing is effective against sweat, splashes of water, and accidental drops (with quick recovery), but the earbuds cant be worn inside the water (such as during showering or swimming).

TOZO NC7 Earbud Pros

  • Budget-friendly device
  • Strong and appealing design
  • Very good battery

TOZO NC Earbud Cons

  • Noise cancellation can be improved further



Does TOZO NC7 Fall Off While Running/Working Out?

No, TOZO NC7 has a good in-ear grip and does not fall off during running or working out.

Are TOZO NC7 Earbuds Sweat Resistant?

Yes, the TOZO NC7 earbuds come with IPX6 waterproofing that makes them sweat resistant.

Are TOZO NC7 Earbuds More Expensive Than NC9?

No, TOZO NC7 earbuds cost the same as NC9.


Wrapping UP

The TOZO NC7 wireless earbuds are a good music device. The earbuds deliver a power punch of battery and ensure decent acoustics. For the price point, you get a comfortable in-ear feel, crisp sound, active noise cancellation, and IPX6 waterproofing. The earbuds are good for travelers who need a good battery and decent sound.

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