TOZO A1 Mini True Wireless Earbud Review

Finding an impressive pair of wireless earbuds at an affordable price could be daunting. But if we say that there is a pair present with all the standard features and that too in a reasonable range. That’s why we have written this review about the TOZO A1 mini, one of the best tozo true wireless earbuds you’ll find on the market.

No matter which gadget you are going for, if you are trying to save some money, you will have to compromise a lot.

But with the TOZO A1 earbuds, there is nothing like that. These buds provide you with full value at such an affordable price.

So, want to know what these buds can offer to you, then let’s find out.

Detailed Review of TOZO A1 Mini True Wireless Earbud

Following is a detailed guide on the TOZO A1 mini earbuds that will help you answer all your questions regarding the earbuds. Moreover, you will also learn what features these earbuds can offer you.

TOZO A1 Mini Specifications

Model of the Ear Bud A1 Mini
Material used Plastic
Color Options 6
Connectivity Wireless
Form Factor In-Ear
Bluetooth Type 5.3
Bass Range 18k Hz to 20kHz
USB Support USB-C
Weight 3.2 g each bud
Charging time 1.5 hours via wire

2 hours wireless

Water-Resistant IPX5


Build of the buds: Just like the other TOZO earbuds, these are also made of ABS hard plastic. The difference is that these are a bit less in size like these are half the size of the normal TOZO earbuds. It comes with a set of earbuds with a case that cradles these mini earbuds.

The case has a clamshell appearance but just like the other TOZO, its lid does not completely open but act like a hood over the buds. But if you are worried about the lid opening and buds falling then no need to be worried about that.

Moreover, the tips are quite soft and easy to fit in. The buds and the case come with a matte finish that is ideal for most customers. These are quite lightweight earbuds and every bud weighs around 3.7 grams. Pretty convenient right?

Color Option: Whether you are more of a neutral person or like to have colorful gadgets, the TOZO A1 provides you with options. It features six color options. You get the black, blue, green, pink, white, and khaki colors. So, you get a variety to choose from.

Comfort factor: When it comes to comfort, the A1 indeed fulfills the expectations. These very compact mini buds easily fit in your ear without being heavy. Moreover, the tips are soft and comfortable so that you will not even feel that you are wearing something,

These earbuds are perfect for small ears, and the fitting allows them to stick to your ear without any slippage problems.

Sound Quality and Performance of TOZO A1 mini earbuds

Let’s have a little discussion about the sound quality. Then for the price point, these offer a pretty good sound quality. But these are a little bit lacking when it comes to the stereo quality. The bass is not of very high range.

Moreover, the microphone quality is also quite acceptable. These do an excellent job with the calls but are not very efficient in blocking the background noise. 

Is TOZO A1 mini noise canceling?

These earbuds do offer a moderate level of Noise-canceling properties. For the price range, it is a pretty standard one. So, while making calls, yes, you can expect good noise cancellation. But if you are expecting the cancellation just like the other big earbuds, then these might not be up to your standards.

Connectivity and Compatibility of TOZO A1 mini earbuds

Connectivity-wise, these earbuds do some pretty exceptional jobs. Just like the other TOZO, these earbuds also feature the latest quality Bluetooth 5.3 that provides you with some outstanding signals. There is no disruption in the music or sound quality even if you are away from your phone.

Moreover, the pairing is also one tap away, so you do not need to hassle with all the setting options of your phone.

How do I pair my TOZO A1 mini?

You need to take out the earbuds from the case and wait for a few seconds. The buds will start to blink blue and red light simultaneously, which means your buds are in pairing mode. They are ready to connect with any device.

Go to your phone’s Bluetooth setting and select the TOZO A1 option from the list. Your earbuds are now ready to use as you want.

Controls Options of TOZO A1 mini earbuds

The TOZO A1 features a touch control system that is quite efficient. All the features are one tap away, and you can easily adjust everything according to your liking.

How do I adjust the volume on my TOZO A1 mini earbuds?

Both the earbuds are designed to adjust the volume, and you will need to understand which earbud is for which type of work.

When it comes to leveling up the music, the right earbuds are specifically for that. You will need to tap and hold the right earbuds to increase the volume.

To decrease the volume down to some notches, you must tap and hold the left earbud.

How do you get to the next track with TOZO A1 mini earbuds?

Like the volume, changing tracks also depends on which bud you are tapping on. If you want to change the track and jump on to the next one, you will need to double-tap the right earbud. You will skip to the next music track.

Case charging and battery life of TOZO A1

When talking about the battery life of these mini buds, then these feature a pretty good battery life. For the price, these can last a good playtime, and the charging case provides a good 24 hours of support to the earbuds.

Like the other TOZO buds, these also feature the two charging options, the wireless one and the wired one. Charging time depends upon which means you are using to charge the buds.

How do you charge the TOZO A1 mini?

For charging, you get two options.

Either go for the wired option or the wireless. If you are thinking of wireless, you can go for the wireless plate charging method.

But if you are thinking of going with the wired method, the case supports a USB-C type port. You need to plug the wire, and the buds are ready to charge.

How long do TOZO A1 mini earbuds take to charge?

As we mentioned above, it all depends upon the means you are using to charge the buds.

If you go for the wireless method, it takes a little more time than wired charging. The wireless method takes about 2 hours to charge.

Whereas the wired option takes 1.5-2 hours to charge.

How long can TOZO A1 mini last?

The TOZO A1 mini lasts a full 6 hours with continuous play time with the volume up to 60 percent. And if we talk about the case, it can last as long as 24 hours. This is pretty good as it means it will save you three additional charges before you reach for the charger to charge the buds.

Water-resistant Capability of TOZO A1 EarPods

The TOZO A1 mini earbuds come with a water-resistant label. These feature the IPX5 water-resistant capability, which is pretty standard. But if we compare it to the other TOZO buds, it is not very sufficient.

Are the TOZO A1 mini waterproof?

Ye step TOZO A1 is water-resistant. You get the IPX5 water-resistant capability. An IPX of 5 is good for withstanding less water involving activities. The good thing is that the IPX5 does enable these to withstand the sweat and rain, so for workouts, these are pretty good buds to go for.

One thing that you might need to take care of is the case. As the case does not feature the IPX5 capability and is not water-resistant, you may have to keep it out of your pocket.

Can I wear my TOZO A1 mini earbuds in the shower or while swimming?

Well, yes, you can but only take the earbuds with you, not the case. Earbuds have water resisting capability, so you can take them with you for the shower. But if you want to take them for swimming, then we will not recommend these for deep diving.

Pros of having TOZO A1 Earbuds

Following are the pros of TOZO A1 earbuds:

  • Easy to use touch controls
  • The great audio quality for listening to music or attending phone calls
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • Bluetooth connectivity is excellent
  • IPX5 water-resistant capability present
  • Compact and comfortable design

Cons of TOZO A1 Mini Earbuds

Following are the disadvantages you may face with TOZO A1:

  • Lacking high range bass
  • Water-resistant quality is also not sufficient

TOZO A1 Mini Video Review

Final Verdict

So that’s a wrap. As you can see, the TOZO A1 has a lot to offer. The comfortable and ergonomic design makes these easy to use. The latest Bluetooth tech, along with pretty standard noise quality, enables you to perform all the standard tasks with these. And the best part is the abradable price tag that makes them accessible for everyone.

We hope that this TOZO A1 mini–True Wireless Earbud Review guide was helpful to you, and you were able to clear up all your confusion. So now it’s time to get a set for yourself.


How small are TOZO A1 mini earbuds?

These are quite small earbuds, and the buds with the case are also half the size of the traditional EarPods. Each earbud weighs around 3.7 grams, making them miniature in comparison to the other TOZO.

Does TOZO A1 mini fall off while running or working out?

These are quite small earbuds and fit the ear incredibly well, so chances of falling are minimum. But if you have quite a big ear, then you might face a bit of a fitting problem that may lead to the slippage of the buds.

Why is the TOZO A1 mini good for small ears?

Yes, the best part about the TOZO A1 is that these are best for small ears. Their ergonomic and compact design makes them quite fitting in the contours of the ear. And the soft tips fit quite easily and comfortably in the ears. So, if you are looking for earbuds for small ears, these could be your go-to.

How do you turn on TOZO A1 earbuds?

Take out the earbud from the case. Hold the earbuds for three seconds, and the buds will start to blink red and blue light. This means these are in pairing mode. After that, select the TOZO A1 from your phone, and you are ready to go.

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