TOZO T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

TOZO T5 is a professionally designed earbud for workout sessions. With no strings connecting the two earbuds, and convenient no-cable charging, they are truly wireless.

TOZO is a well-known brand among users for attractive features at a budget-friendly price.

Are you looking for true wireless earbuds with hooks that fit comfortably while running and exercising? Keep reading to get a detailed TOZO T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review.

TOZO T5 Earbud Specifications

Earbud TOZO T5
Fit Type Ear-In
Speaker Driver 12mm
Weight 4.6g
Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless Range 30 feet
Battery Life 6 hours + 24 hours from charging case
Charging Time with Cable 1 hour
Charging Time with Wireless Charger less than 2 hours

TOZO T5 Style and Build

TOZO T5 earbuds are equipped with flexible ear hooks and gel-flexible silicone ear tips. The soft tips come in different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit blocking the outside noise. You do not even feel like you are wearing earbuds. They stay firm in the ears and do not fall off while intense workouts.

The in-ear design does not interfere with ear jewelry, glasses, cap, or hairstyle. They are truly wireless having no cords attached to the earbuds.

The T5 case has a clamshell design with molded pits to store the earbuds. Since the earbuds have a hook design so it adds to the weight. But, carrying them around is not an issue.

The front side of the case has an LED light to indicate the charging status.

TOZO T5 Comfortability

TOZO does not stay behind when it comes to the comfort of the users. They make sure that the earbuds have soft tips and secure grips so that they do not fall off while running or intense exercise. After all, TOZO T5 is popular for workout sessions.

They are breathable and feel feather-like in the ears allowing you to have complete focus on business meetings or stretching. Pairing is also easy and the controls are useful too.

TOZO T5 Earbud Sound Quality and Performance

With a 12mm driver area which is more than the normal area, T5 delivers high bass power. This sounds great for the price point. You get a clear sound while listening to your favorite track, audiobook, or podcast.

As the earbuds fit well in place, they form an acoustic seal that blocks background noise and prevents the sound from leaking out. The call quality is also good.

TOZO T5 Earbud Connectivity and Compatibility

These wireless earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology that provides fast and steady transmission up to 10 m. There should not be any barriers like a wall in between your phone and earbuds. T5 has a one-step pairing process. Just take the earbuds out, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, select “TOZO T5” and you are ready to go.

The earbuds are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, MacBook, Mac, and iMac.

How do I pair my TOZO T5?

  1. Take out your earbuds from the charging case and they will turn on and connect automatically.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. In the pairing mode, the earbuds will flash blue and red in turns.
  4. Select your earbuds on your phone.

TOZO T5 Earbud Controls

TOZO T5 offers fingerprint touch control to easily control your playlist without adding pressure to your ears. The touch-sensitive controls are useful once you get the grip on them. There are only a few functions to remember. Mostly, you will be using play/pause which requires a single touch.

Double-tap on the right earbud for the next track and double-tap on the left for the previous track.

To answer a call, touch once on either and tap for 2 seconds to hang up.

Press and hold the right earbud to increase volume and the left one to decrease.

How do I adjust the volume on my TOZO T5 earbuds?

Tap and hold the right earbud to volume up and tap and hold the left earbud to volume down. Holding on will increase to the maximum volume when using the right earbud. Similarly, holding on to the left earbud will decrease the volume to inaudible.

TOZO T5 Case Charging and Battery Life

TOZO T5 wireless earbuds have the advertised playtime of 6 hours. You will not even need to listen to the audio for so long on a single charge. With the charging case, you get an additional charge of 24 hours which makes it 30 hours in total.

The package includes a USB cable that is used for charging the earbuds. You can also use a Qi wireless charging pad to top up the battery. Using the cable, it takes 1 hour to charge and less than 2 hours with the wireless charger.

How do you charge TOZO T5?

Keep the earbuds in the charging case and they will turn off automatically. Use a USB cable to charge the earbuds or a Qi wireless charger. When you turn on the charging adapter, a red light will appear on the case indicating that it is being charged. It will disappear when done.

How long do TOZO T5 earbuds take to charge?

With the USB-C cord, T5 takes 1 hour to charge whereas the wireless charger gets it juiced up in less than 2 hours.

How long can TOZO T5 last?

TOZ0 T5 lasts for 6 hours on a single charge when used on half volume. Using them on a higher volume can give you 5 hours of listening. When you are not using the earbuds, the case will charge them giving you additional 24 hours of battery.

TOZO T5 Earbud Water Resistance

They do not offer much water resistance, so you can consider them sweatproof. When you run or do the heavy lifting, these earbuds would not get damaged by the sweat. They must be protected from rain showers and being dropped in water.

Are the TOZO T5 waterproof?

TOZO T5 are sweatproof having minimum water resistance. They can tolerate body moisture resulting from the workout but it is not recommended to use them in the bathtub, pool, or rain showers.

Can I wear my TOZO T5 earbuds in the shower or while swimming?

As they are sweatproof so it is not recommended to wear them in the shower or while swimming. They are only designed to tolerate sweat resulting from running and exercise.

Pros: What we like about TOZO T5 Earbud

  • Ear hoop design with silicone tips for a perfect fit.
  • Sweatproof
  • Great audio experience with 12mm drivers
  • Decent transmission range
  • Long battery life of 30 hours
  • Internal mic for calls with good sound clarity
  • Light on pocket and compact
  • Budget-friendly

Cons: What we don’t like about TOZO T5 Earbud

  • Minimum water resistance
  • Poor noise cancellation

Wrapping Up

Overall, TOZO T5 true wireless earbuds are pretty good for workouts. Users love them for their ear hook design that does not allow them to fall off. They are comfortable and do not irritate when worn for longer sessions. You can slide them into your pockets or purse and carry them anywhere with you without worrying about the battery life. Have a great time with TOZO T5!


Are TOZO T5 comfortable for wearing with glasses?

Yes, they are comfortable for wearing with glasses. They are designed in a way that they do not interfere with earrings, caps, and glasses.

Are TOZO T5 good for sleeping in?

Yes, you can sleep while having them in your ears as they are extremely comfortable. They also block background noise that can disturb your sleep.

How do you wear TOZO T5 earbuds?

Keep the ear tips downward and then place them into the ear. Then rotate it back to the auricle side of the ear to fit well.

Does TOZO T5 fall off while working or running out?

No, TOZO T5 is designed with an ear hoop system especially for the gym so the users can focus on the workout. They have soft ear tips in different sizes to fit comfortably.

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