How to Connect Fake AirPods to iPhone

It’s not only original AirPods that connect to your iPhone. If you have fake AirPods and you want them to connect to your iPhone, you can connect. Sometimes you are not able to connect but for that, there can be some reason. After connecting your fake AirPods to your iPhone you can start listening and enjoy.

Yes, you can easily connect your fake AirPods to your iPhone. You need Bluetooth on your Phone to connect the AirPods.

As far as the technical side of fake AirPods is concerned, fake AirPods don’t have H1 and W1 chips, unlike original AirPods.

Step by Step Guide to Connect Fake AirPods with iPhone

Here are the steps that you may follow for connecting your fake AirPods to your iPhone;

  • Press the button on the AirPods case.
  • Take the pods out of the case.
  • Go to the setting of your phone
  • Turn the Bluetooth on
  • There will be showing a list of connectable devices
  • Tap on your Fake AirPods, it can have any name given by the maker.
  • Clicking on that will pair your Airpods and then start listening.


Do fake AirPods show up on screen?

If you fake AirPods are connected once, they will show on the screen. It is also one of the best ways to find out whether the AirPods are real or fake. Keep the AirPods in the case and if it’s already paired the battery screen will appear on the phone. That is how you can check the authenticity of your AirPods.

How do I reset my AirPods to sell?

For resetting your AirPods before selling. All you have to do is to go to Settings, and then Bluetooth. There is will be an “i” icon that will be next to your AirPods. Click on it and then tap on Forget This Device.

How do you reset a fake Airpod?

For resetting fake AirPods, the process is fairly simple. All you have to do is to put your AirPods in the case. There will be a button on the case, press it and hold it for 15 seconds. Voila! Your AirPods are reset.

Do fake AirPods have a serial number?

When you buy a pair of AirPods and it doesn’t have a Serial Number, then be sure that the AirPods are fake. Sometimes you get your hands on counterfeit AirPods with a stolen serial number. In their appearance, they look real but they are actually fake and not authentic.

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