How to tell the difference between real AirPods Pro and Counterfeit ones?

When you get AirPods Pro, you do sometimes get a fake one you have bought from some shady place. There is always a way to find out whether the AirPods Pro is real or fake.

Since Apple’s AirPods Pro are famous and the majority want to buy them. It would not be wrong to assume that there are many counterfeited AirPods in the market. And at times, it can be hard to differentiate.

When you buy your AirPods, not from Apple, there may be chances that you get one’s hands-on fake AirPods Pod.

Ideally, it is advisable that one should buy AirPods from the Apple store because there will be almost 0 percent chance that one get fake ones.

Differences between real AirPods Pro and Counterfeit ones

Once you get AirPods Pro, there is still a way you can tell whether the AirPods Pro is real or fake. There are certain things you will have to look at;


When you get your AirPods, and the packaging is not tight it is a sign that your AirPods are not real. Apple wraps the AirPods tight. Also, the sheet is a little strong unlike fake ones. in the fake and counterfeited AirPods the sheet will be thin and baggy.


Apple doesn’t compromise on the Hardware. The quality of AirPods that Apple offers is the best of all. When it comes to the text written on the AirPods, the fake ones are written in a darker font. Likewise, the transition on the mold is not smooth. Also, the tips of fake ones are stiff and hard as opposed to the real ones which are soft and comfortable. Those who counterfeit the AirPods Pro, make it certain the differences are subtle. Careful examination can unearth the truth.


As far as software is concerned. It is quite hard to differentiate as it has been replicated with extreme precision. There will even be a serial number that can be found on the Apple database. The popup is the same as the real one when you want to connect to the device. However, on fake AirPods Pro, Active Noise Cancellation ANC will not work. There is always a possibility that ANC works on the fake AirPods Pro.

How to Avoid buying fake AirPods Pro?

If you want to avoid buying fake AirPods Pro, you will simply have to go to the authorized dealership. There are special deals from time to time. These deals can save you some money too.

In the end, it is advisable to be ethical in buying and selling.

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