How to Connect AirPods to Vizio TV

If you prefer using Apple devices you must be loving the AirPods too. As far as Apple Products are concerned, AirPods will seamlessly work with them. However, AirPods can also work with non-Apple devices.

The question is whether AirPods works with Vizio TV or not? Just like other TVs like Sony and LG, AirPods also connects with Vizio TV. In modern-day Smart TVs, there is a Bluetooth option. Using that option, one can pair Airpods and enjoy his favorite TV shows and movies. Using your Apple TV on Vizio is the easiest way to connect AirPods.

Steps to Connect AirPods with Vizio TV

There are some steps that you have to follow in order to connect your AirPods to Vizio TV through your Apple TV;

  • Open the case of your AirPods
  • Press the button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Make sure that the white light starts flashing, white light suggests that AirPods are ready to be paired.
  • Go to the Apple TV’s Setting.
  • Then Remote and Devices
  • Then Bluetooth.
  • There will be an appearing list of connectable devices.
  • Finally, connect your AirPods and start enjoying.

Things to Remember When Connecting AirPods to Vizio TV

When you are connecting AirPods to Vizio TV, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Make sure that your AirPods and Vizio are using the same codecs. In most cases, they are using different codecs. This will consequently create a lag. Soundbars are essentially output devices and not Input ones. The interpretation of sound by the Soundbars causes the lag.


Where is Bluetooth on Vizio TV?

To check the option of Bluetooth on your Vizio, go to the Settings of your Vizio Remote and select Vizio. You will find a speaker list; there will be appearing your AirPods and you may connect and start using them.

What to do if Vizio TV doesn’t have Bluetooth?

If Vizio has Bluetooth in it, there will be no issue as such. If Not, you might have to add Bluetooth Transmitter. The primary reason is that AirPods uses AAC/SBC whereas Vizio TV uses Bluetooth LE. The transmitters are not costly, there is a number of companies that offer qualitative Bluetooth Transmitter.

Simply plug the Transmitter into your Vizio. Turn on the transmitter and pair it with your AirPods. Make sure that there is no other device that is active and using Bluetooth of our iPhone.

Can I use headphones with my VIZIO TV?

Yes, you can use headphones on your Vizio TV. Go to the Setting > Bluetooth Devices > Other Devices > Add New Device. Pair your wireless headphones and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

How do I pair my iPhone with my VIZIO TV?

For pairing your iPhone with your Vizio Tv, open the SmartCast application. There will be prompts on the screen. Follow the prompts that will create a Vizio account. You will then be able to click on the device, which is an iPhone in this case, that you want to pair. Confirm the connection by verifying the four-digit code. Once connected, you will be able to use your iPhone as a remote control.

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