Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds Review

The Enacfire E60 lacks a lot of attractive design. Headphones are best served as smooth as well as the 500mAh charge case is. The black case is fingerprint-sensitive, medium-sized with the cover moving slightly, but with a durable hinge. You can run it via USB-C, and it can charge the earbuds four times before it needs a new charge by itself.

The characters L and R from left to right at the outside of earbuds are plain and simple. It is also well waterproof and withstands heavy rainfall.

Audio Quality

The Enacfire E60 TWS has a bright, full-fledged sound to enjoy hearing in fewer and more volumes.

In standard indoor settings, when you call with Enacfire E60, the sound is clear and loud. When you call with the Enacfire E60 under normal indoor conditions, your music becomes transparent and lively.

Things start to change when surrounded by loud sounds, traffic, or other people talking. The sounds come from your surroundings out loud, and your voice fights. Wind noise is limited, but it’s always best to call indoors – not outdoors.

Touch Controls

With touch sensors, which program the touch well, the Enacfire E60 TWS control system is absolute and easy and moderate response time. With one click on the left or right earphone, you can play and stop the music.

Moreover, Tap the right headset twice to skip a track, then tap on the left earphone to rewind a song. You may also adjust the volume-raise it by holding the right earbud, and raising it to the left. Ultimately, the voice assistant on your phone gets turned on by three clicks on one or the other.


A standard bass is present in songwriters’ songs and more bass-oriented genres, such as rock, hip-Hop, and dance. Enhanced by a small secondary bass rumble, the bass part seems well presented but never calls.

The fast-rolling middle and high tones add to the smooth sound. It is not that more top sounds are not found in the music, but that they tend towards lower frequencies.

With slightly enhanced low notes, men’s phones tend to have warmth and thickness, while women’s sound is softer and darker than headphones that extend the highlights even more.

This vocal character makes the E60 easy to listen to. At lower volumes – which works great on the E60 due to the compact compatibility and noise cancellation of the headphones – and at higher volume levels, where the sound stays smooth. E60 does not look so bright or gloomy.

Also, the acoustics of the stage is excellent. You may not only feel in your ears, but the music is heard around you, and the sounds come from your left and right. Tools can also be placed – and singers should be right in front of you.

Many listeners will probably like the E60 TWS: it has fun but controlled bass, it still looks smooth, and at the same time, the music still has a great sense of brightness.


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Balanced Sound Adjustment
  • Touch system
  • Easy wireless charging


  • Touch system lag on dirty fingers


The Enacfire E-60 has the latest Bluetooth, 5.0. Stands as one o the top-rated earphones on Amazon. So, it can be on top priority while buying an earbud.


How much playtime earbud provides on a single charge?

E60 gives up to 8 hours of continuous listening. So, for extended listening, these earphones are the best ones.

Can I charge the case with a wireless charger?

You can charge it with a wireless charger!

Do these earphones connect with some old Android versions?

Yes, these earbuds work fine with any Android version.

Are these earbuds best rated?

Yes, the Enacfire E60 stands out as one of the best-rated earbuds on amazon.

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