How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

Earbuds are a great way to listen to music while you’re on the go. They work well, and they don’t take up much space. However, it’s a pain to have your earbuds fall out. For example, you’re walking down the street, listening to your favorite song, and then suddenly, they pop out of place. It can be frustrating or embarrassing, depending on where you are at that moment in time. The only problem is that earbuds can fall out of your ears during use, making them considerably less helpful.

This might make you feel like you’re not getting the whole correct experience, or it might even keep you from listening to music at all! Luckily, there are some things that you can do to help prevent this issue. Read on for our tips and tricks for keeping earbuds in place during any activity.

How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out

Earbuds are a great way to listen to your favorite music or podcasts on the go, but only if you can keep them in! You’ll never have to worry about missing a beat again with these simple tips.

Check out the complete list below:

1- Hang the cord over your ear

Instead of inserting the earbuds deep into your ears, just place them a little outside the ear canal. This will prevent the tip from going far into the ears and popping out quickly.

2- Try different sizes of earbuds

Not all earbuds are created equal, and not everyone has the same size ears. If the ear tips of your earphones are too big, they might fall out easily. Conversely, if the tips are too small, they can cause pain and discomfort. Experiment with the different sizes of your earphones to see what fits best.

Not using the correct size can lead to discomfort and earbuds falling out mid-workout or run, so double check before digging in. If the earbuds are too big, they might not stay in your ears no matter what you do. The same goes for if they’re too small — they could cause pain and further irritation.

3- Use a shirt clip

If you’re doing any physical activity like running or working out, using a shirt clip can help keep the earphones in place. The clip will hold the cord near your neck to avoid bouncing around and loosen the ear tips. This can be especially helpful if you’re working out or running, as the extra movement can easily dislodge earbuds that aren’t secured tightly.

4- Get a tight seal

Some earbuds come with a tight seal design, which helps keep the earbuds in place. However, this can also be uncomfortable for some people and might not be necessary if you’re using the right size earbuds. If you’re not sure if your earbuds have a tight seal, try putting them in and then gently pushing down on the top of the bud. If you hear a pronounced sound quality change, they have a tight seal. Otherwise, they likely don’t need it!

5- Experiment with different tips

Another way to keep your earbuds in place is to experiment with the different types of tips that come with them. Some ear tips are helpful to create a tighter seal in your ear canal, while others are just meant to provide comfort. Find the ones that work best for you and stick with them!

6- Wax or no wax

If all else fails, try using wax to help keep the earbuds in place. This can be helpful if you have trouble with them falling out or if they’re constantly getting tugged out by surrounding hair. Just make sure that the wax is safe to use with your earphones and not damage the equipment.

7- Use Them Right

The most important thing to remember is to make sure your earbuds are the correct size. If they’re comfortably snuggly in your ears, they won’t fall out as quickly — even if they don’t come with a tight seal (more on that later). This will keep your music listening experience uninterrupted, but it’ll also help prevent hearing damage and tinnitus (ringing of the eardrum) from noise exposure.

So there you have it – seven simple tips for keeping your earbuds in place! Whether you’re working out, running errands, or just relaxing at home, use these tips to avoid losing your music or podcasts. 


Earbuds are a great way to listen to your favorite music or podcasts on the go, but only if you can keep them in! These tips are all simple to implement but make a difference when it comes to keeping your earbuds in place. You’ll never have to worry about losing a beat again with these simple tips. So make sure to try these tips the next time you’re using your earbuds! What’s been your best tip for preventing dropped earbuds?

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