How to Pair Sony Earbuds in Two Easy Ways

Sony is one of the most respected brands in the electronics industry. Sony earbuds are among their flagship products, and they have a wide range of earbud options available to suit different needs. They have a noise-canceling feature, which helps you focus on your music more.

Sony earbuds are great for people who are on the go. They come with a carrying case that can be attached to your keychain or backpack, making them easy to bring with you wherever you need them most. The earbud’s compact size makes it easier to carry around in one hand without feeling weighed down.

When you put the earbuds in your ears, you may have noticed that they don’t automatically turn on and start playing music as many other brands do. This is because Sony has designed their headphones to require an initial pairing process before use. If this is new information for you, then continue reading below!

Pair Sony Earbuds in Two Ways

There are several ways to pair Sony earbuds.

1- Pairing Manually:

The first step is to check inside the box for a manual. If you’re unable to find one, some basic instructions are listed below.

1) Ensure that the earbuds are turned off before inserting them into the correct audio jack on the device

2) Turn on your device and switch to the correct audio

3) Press and hold both volume buttons for approximately three seconds

4) Release volume button “A” when the pairing status indicator changes from red to blue

5) Press volume button “B” for two seconds

6) Stop pressing buttons

7) Wait for the Bluetooth indicator light on each earbud to stop flashing


2- How to Pair Sony earbuds Using NFC:

Sony earbuds use NFC (Near-Field Communication) to pair to devices quickly and easily. Before pairing, ensure that the earbuds are charged and turned off.

1) Make sure your NFC-enabled device and the earbuds are turned off.

2) Touch the metallic area on the right earbud with your NFC-enabled device.

3) The earbuds will turn on and automatically connect to your device. You will hear an audio prompt confirming the connection.

4) If needed, press and hold both volume buttons for three seconds to skip to the next step.

5) Open the Settings menu and select Bluetooth on your NFC-enabled device. The earbuds should appear as “SONY MDR-XB50AP.”

6) Select the earbuds and pair them with your device. I will hear an audio prompt confirming the connection.

To ensure that you’re always wearing the earbuds correctly, try to put them in with the cord running over your ear. However, you can wear them either way. If they feel uncomfortable or fall out too quickly, it is recommended that you wear them with the cord behind your ear instead.


The Sony earbuds are designed to be more of an active listener. They don’t automatically turn on and start playing music as many other brands do, but you can get them up and running in just a few easy steps. You can adjust the earbuds’ gel tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit by following these simple steps. Enjoy your favorite tunes without having to worry about them falling out!

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