TASCAM TH-200x Studio Headphone Review

Last week a friend recommended TASCAM TH-200x studio headphones to me for voiceover. Of course, as a voiceover artist, it is necessary to have a good pair of headphones that can offer soundproofing and noise isolation without compromising comfort or versatility. Price is also an important factor that should be taken into account before investing.

After a week’s use, I found them to be a perfect option for a diverse range of applications, including voiceover, mixing, and listening to music, especially among the products available at this price range. Below is the review of TASCAM TH-200x studio headphones based on their budget-friendliness, reduction in sound leakage, well-padded structure, and stability. So, keep reading for more information on this amazing pair of headphones.

TASCAM TH-200x Review

TASCAM TH-200x is a renowned performance-efficient product available at a highly reasonable price range across the market. These versatile devices can be used for various purposes, including voiceover, recording, and mixing. Apart from this, they also display remarkable performance for everyday use and can be used for listening to music during free hours or while traveling.


TASCAM operates under the TEAC corporation, which is a well-known manufacturing company based in Japan. The company has gained wide recognition over the years and specializes in manufacturing multitrack recorders. Their headphones are also trendy among a diverse range of consumers and fall under budget-friendly products.

Thus, offering a perfect alternative to other expensive units. TASCAM had launched the TH-200x into the market, which is a remarkable addition to their headphones and is characterized by utmost comfort and durability. Detailed features and specifications of the specified model are mentioned below.


  • 40mm neodymium magnet driver
  • Adjustable arms
  • Closed-back design
  • 3m long cable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • 15 Hz to 22KHz frequency

Design and Structure

The TASCAM TH-200x features a closed-back design and falls under the category of over-ear headphones. This means that the pads of headphones cover your ears completely. Thereby offering you utmost performance efficiency. Available in black color, these headphones are made of stainless steel and are thus highly durable. They won’t break in case of accidental fall and, therefore, possess a longer average life than most other related tools.

This, coupled with the low price point, makes it a perfect option for those with financial concerns. To aid you further, TASCAM also provides a 1-year warranty on this model and allows you to seek free repair in case of damage within the warranty period. Last but not least, the headphones weigh around 13.8 ounces which is neither light nor too heavy. So, you can easily carry it around when you travel. Just fold the cable properly to prevent unwanted issues.


These headphones come with 3 feet, i.e., around 9.8 feet long cable attached with the headphones. So, yes, you do not get a detached cable with this pair of headphones. Most of you might be disappointed at this revelation; however, there is nothing to fret about. The cable can be wrapped around the headphones when not in use and is not prone to damage. So, you can use it wherever you want with little regard to breakage or damage.


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Headbands and Arms

The headband is well-padded and offers exceptional fitting. You can tighten it according to your head size and enjoy an outstanding music experience. The exceptional adjustability is attributed to the adjustable arms incorporated in the unit and improves its overall performance to a great extent.

Furthermore, the headphones feel comfortable throughout the day and are not associated with any pressure build-up or headache. Thereby enabling you to wear it throughout the day without any inconvenience. We also used them while lying and found them extremely comfortable, thanks to the well-cushioned stainless steel framework.

Additional Accessories

The main package contains a 1/4 inch screw adapter along with a user manual. The screw adapter can be used for various purposes and enables you to connect the headphones with a variety of other devices. Furthermore, the user manual can be used for instruction in case of any query or problem and enables you to operate them efficiently.

Neodymium Magnetic Driver

This version of TASCAM headphones is incorporated with Neodynamic magnetic drivers instead of traditional dynamic drivers that work using cone-shaped membranes. The neodymium magnetic drivers are specialized tools incorporated in the earbuds to convert digital signals into sound waves that are audible to the human ear.

These drivers are different in construction compared to dynamic drivers and are integrated with a diaphragm that performs the signal conversion. Furthermore, they are also incredibly lightweight and offer eight times the better bass performance than their other related counterparts. Thereby generating a substantial sound output with little power consumption.



TASCAM TH-200x studio headphones are highly comfortable and are perfect for those searching for durable and comfortable headphones at a low price. The highly cushioned interior and utmost adjustment provide enhanced comfort throughout the day and allow you to use it without any inconvenience. In addition to this, the ear pads ensure a cozy and pleasant listening experience that greatly improves the overall performance to a great extent. Therefore, we highly recommend these headphones for daily use, especially while traveling and walking.

Sound Leakage

In terms of sound leakage, we assure you can not find a product better than Tascam TH-200x. This remarkable model displays exceptional soundproofing and does not let the sound escape to the outside world thanks to the well-cushioned ear pads. So, you can use them in crowded places and other public areas without worrying about disturbing others. We assure you will not feel disappointed at this purchase even after continuous use.


Apart from leakage, another factor that affects the performance of Tascam TH-200x headphones is the isolation from the outside world. This means the reduction of external noise while listening to music. In this aspect, the TH-200x performs relatively well; however, not the best. Although you will not hear most of the noise, some of it might escape the filters and reach your ears. However, it is already enough considering other products available at this price point.


TASCAM TH-200x is suitable for various activities, including recording, mixing, voiceover, and listening to everyday music. The specialized design and advanced features make it a perfect option, especially for voiceover and other studio use. It also displays satisfactory performance when it comes to recording activities. However, it surpasses all of its competitors if you use it only to listen to music because of its exceptional soundproofing abilities.


This version of the TASCAM headphone is compatible with all devices capable of supporting 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio jack. This is attributed to the 1/4 inch screw adapter incorporated in the system. Similarly, the screw adapter can also be used as an alternative for the devices that lack a 3.5mm audio jack and other related specifications required for proper connectivity.

You can use it with a diverse range of operating systems, including Mac, Android, and Windows 10, and we assure you will not face any problem or issue while working on your new recording project. Similarly, the headphones are available with an almost 9 feet long cord and offer more room for movement and adjustability than products with shorter cords.



The only downside of these headphones is their excessive sweat production and lack of waterproofing abilities. In addition, the enhanced padding of these headphones may lead to excessive sweat production when used for extended periods. You might be faced with a similar problem while jogging or running.

Similarly, these headphones are not waterproof and might get damaged when exposed to water. So, if you want to purchase a product for swimming purposes, these might not be your cup of tea. However, you can look for other TASCAM headphones that might possess water resistance. We also do not recommend using them during extreme weather conditions such as rain or jogging as excessive sweat production might damage them.


Unfortunately, this version of TASCAM TH-200x headphones does not come with a microphone, so you can not use it to interact with others during audio/ video calls and while playing. However, you can use it with online games that do not require a lot of communication, especially through a microphone. In addition to this, it can also be used for other related activities that do not require much communication via a mic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a headphone jack adapter do?

A headphone jack adapter, also known as a screw adapter, is responsible for connecting the 3.5mm headphones with other related devices, especially those lacking a 3.5mm jack. Examples of such devices include android mobiles, iPhones, Laptops, iPods, etc. However, the major requirement for connectivity in this regard is the lightning connector that must be included in the technological gadget.

What are magnetic drivers?

Magnetic drivers, specifically planar magnetic drivers, are specialized components in headphones used to convert electric signals(digital signals) into sound waves that human ears can hear. However, these drivers are different from dynamic drivers included in most of the headphones. The magnetic drivers use a flat diaphragm for sound conversion instead of cone and dome-shaped membranes used in dynamic drivers.

Are magnetic headphones bad for you?

Although magnetic headphones do not greatly impact the health of listeners, especially in the short term; however, recent studies have revealed that long-term use of these units might lead to hearing loss to some extent. This is because of damage to the auditory nerve in the human body, which is responsible for the hearing process. Thus, we recommend the controlled use of such headphones.

Are TASCAM TH-200x headphones integrated with a detachable cable?

No, the cable of TH-200x headphones is available in the attached form and can not be detached from the main unit. The cable is 9.5 feet long and does not restrict your movement. So, you will not feel any inconvenience or performance issues while wearing them, especially when performing other household chores like cleaning or cooking. Furthermore, the cable is durable and is not prone to damage, so that you can use it for long hours with utmost efficiency.

Will TASCAM TH-200x fall off while jogging?

No, TASCAM TH-200x headphones tightly fit your head and do not fall off while running or jogging. Similarly, if you feel that they are a bit lose for you, you can adjust the headband with the help of adjustable arms. After purchasing, we recommend adjusting the headband according to the size and shape of your head to prevent any unwanted mishap, especially during strenuous exercises.

Can you use TASCAM TH-200x headphones for gaming purposes?

Yes, you can use the TH-200x headphones for gaming purposes. However, there are some limitations to their abilities. As this version of TASCAM headphones lacks a microphone, you might find it challenging to communicate with other players, especially via audio. However, if you are playing a game that does not require much communication, especially over the microphone, they are a suitable option for you, considering their exceptional soundproofing.

Wrapping Up

TASCAM TH-200x headphones have been the talk of the town for quite some time. These headphones are the latest addition to the TASCAM headphone range and are budget-friendly. Despite their low price, they offer tough competition to their other related counterparts and have surpassed those available in a similar price range. We loved the extraordinary soundproofing and comfortable nature of these headphones. In addition to this, they also offer good noise isolation and are perfect for mixing and voiceover.

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