Rademax P10 TWS Earbud Review

Having more than 3500+ positive ratings on Amazon, Rademax  P10 earned Amazon’s Choice badge. Rademax P10 provides the most extended battery life with a power bank that helps you in the hour of need.


The modern chipset produces deep, well-balanced bass with clear HD sound quality. Its latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows the fastest transmission. While the noise cancellation function blocks any kind of noise from outside.

For calls, a built-in mic makes your voice ultra-clear for the hearer. Also, best for online lectures, video streamings, and online presentations.


The case is made of shiny material having RADEMAX branding at the top. Inside it, there is three led indicator for battery status. The micro USB charging port is located on the right side of the case while at the left USB port is available to charge the further device. Overall the case is portable and lightweight.

The earphone is small and lightweight. On flat surface contains a led to notify which operation is currently performing (charging or non-connected).

Charging case + Power Bank

The Rademax P10 powerful battery of 3500mAh provides fantastic output. It can charge the earbuds 18 times from 0%-100%. While the playtime of earphones is about 4-5 hours. The most exciting feature P10 allows charging your mobile device. So, in an emergency, if the power supply is not available, you can use it as a power bank.

Touch Controls

Touch controls allow you to quickly turn up/down the volume, answer calls, and forward music just in clicks. You can also activate Google Assistant and Siri by tapping three times in a row.


  • Long Battery Life
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Hi-fi sound
  • Easy Pairing

Inside Box

  • Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Ear-tips (S, M, L)
  • User Manual


No doubt, P10 is a great earphone having an inside power bank feature. Moreover, it has a satisfying battery capacity. So, it could be the pair you looking for prolonged listening!


How to reset Rademax P10?

Put earbuds in case. Triple-click until white led flash. Take out from case touch for 5s until blue & white light blinks. Turn on Bluetooth from your device. Connect them. Enjoy Listening

How to connect with a new device?

Turn off Bluetooth from a connected device. Turn on Bluetooth on a new device. Search for “P10” and connect.

What is the period of the warranty?

The manufacturer almost provides 1 year of warranty. Inside the box, the warranty card is included. You can check it for further details.

How to charge a mobile using a case?

Make sure the charging case is charged. Put the cable in the USB port. Attach micro USB with your device.

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