How to Choose True Wireless Earbuds? Buying Guide 2023

Earbuds or earphones sound familiar and it is. Both sound a little different. You don’t have to be confused in order to understand because earphones are also earbuds or headphones but it’s an old term.

There are many earbuds brands currently in the market. Since wireless pairs became popular, the supply increased. You may confuse while buying a pair for yourself because the market is full of wireless earphones.

Wait! Here is a question! Why bother with wireless earbuds? The time is gone when you have to keep the tangling wired hands-free. Now, portable earphones are easy to carry & move with you in your side pocket. It takes little space & performs.

To reduce your spending time on finding the best wireless earbuds. We round up the top-notch list of earphones. Each pair are budget-friendly & has different features. Some are common. In comparison, others may differ according to your need & personality.


Suppose the earphones get disconnected often. It upsets you all day. Most advanced earphones have built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is 4 times faster than BT 4.2. Also, it provides reliable & long-range connectivity.

Furthermore, thanks to the latest Bluetooth. That shows the battery % in the setting or at the notification bar of your connected device.

Sound Quality

One of the main reasons you buy wireless pairs. All the true wireless earbuds came with standard sound quality. Good, clear & enjoying sound. The bass is not too high or low. Perfect as it may be.

Likewise, if the bass is too high, it means it’s worthless buying that pair. And you can also choose an earphone that delivers sound while calling.

Battery Life

Latest Bt needs more battery power. Most wireless pairs can operate for 5-7 hours usually. Other than that, it also gives a backup of 20-30 hours depending upon the model & capacity. You can select a pair having wireless charging enabled. But it can cost a bit.

Some charging cases fixed integrated led to checking the remaining battery percentage. It is a great way to keep alert for the next charge.

Price Range

A tremendous true wireless earbud can cost around $50-100, having all the pros, latest technology, & extended battery life.

But are the expensive brands charged for their name? Nope! They deserve it. That’s all about the customer perspective. But still, you can get fancy pairs under a decent budget. That’s why the blog was created.

Sweat and Water Resistance

Afraid of listening to music while jogging & work out. Thanks to IPX (measuring scale), don’t worry. That allows you to use ear-piece anytime, anywhere. Earbuds are sweatproof & water-resistant. So, use it during workouts with confidence.


Customer Support counts a lot. Many brands provide a whole year warranty. In case the earbuds stop working. Or there may be some connectivity issues. You can claim & reach out the support via online or offline channels. But if you take care of it, it will last.


You can compromise on battery backup but not for comfort. Because when you put earbuds in-ears it may provide you comfort to wear it on for hours. Otherwise, you don’t find it worth buying.

Similarly, most brands include ear-tips in the box that can resolve the fitting issue. But some earbud’s structure is not ear-friendly. So, check it before the purchase.

Noise Cancellation

Regular pairs design block noises you from distractions. Some pairs have the feature of active noise-cancellation or CVC 8.0. Under this price tag, these are enough to consider.

In-Line Controls / Touch Controls

Don’t want to pick up your device again & again? Touch controls perform the actions you desire, whether it’s playing the next track, increasing/decreasing volume, or calling an assistant to check the weather. All you can do by tap the button.

Frequent Asked Questions regarding True Wireless Earbuds

Why are TWS Earbuds the best choice?

Do you like to carry wires all the time? Yes! All you need is to have portable earpieces to put on and enjoy listening to music. Nowadays, earbuds became more popular & more affordable. Even you get premium quality earphones for a few bucks.

Which things count while buying wireless Bluetooth earbuds?

Buying quality Earbuds is an involving task. The latest brand is trying to convince its buyers by providing the best batteries, connectivity, and other features.

As described in detail above. Here are some more features you should count while buying a pair.

  • Attractive look
  • Lightweight
  • Battery Life [Buds + Charging Box]
  • Connectivity Range (usually start from 10 meters)
  • Portable (easy to carry)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (latest)
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Best Ear Fit
  • Soft ear-tip

Are Bluetooth Earbuds are harmful to ear health?

There is a myth about Bluetooth earbuds that cause serious health issues. Recent studies cleared that electromagnetic radiations are harmful but not present in earphones. Earbuds are not bad for health at all. But listening to music for an extended period can affect your listening abilities.

Note: People who listen to loud music suffer ear problems, and that can harm ear health.

The standard sound is about 60-70db, which the human ear feels comfortable with. When you use Earbuds or Headphones, make a rule to don’t listen at its maximum volume. In crowded, noisy places, our ears struggle more to concentrate on the voice; that’s why listening during these scenarios can be dangerous.

Watching a movie or performing a task that requires to put earphones for an extended period. Set up a reminder on your smartphone to notify you every 45-60 mins. And take a break by allowing your ears to enjoy the natural sound and relax.

Does listening to music while sleeping, bad for ear health?

Having a good sleep ritual makes you more productive and efficient during your daily routine. Also, sleep deprivation causes physical and mental illness. Some people fall asleep as they lay on their beds, while others have difficulty even with a single horn. Their sleep is disrupted.

That’s why people use earbuds to avoid unwanted noises and listen to their loving library while sleeping. Using earbuds while sleeping varies from person to person. Some like it, others think it is a useful activity.

Yes, listening to music for long periods at high volume can cause several ear health issues. People who use Earbuds while sleeping sometimes feel pain in the ear. It puts pressure on the ears, and due to not being in a normal position, it causes pain.

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