TOZO T12 True Wireless Earbud Review – Are They Any Good?

Dreaming of buying the Apple AirPods? But if your bank account says otherwise then TOZO T12 true wireless earbuds are for you.

Wireless earbuds are a necessity nowadays. Whether you are working out, studying, performing work, or doing any sports. Listening to uplifting music can help in accomplishing all those tasks. But this all requires having earbuds that have high-quality features and can provide you with a lot more.

Therefore, here we will talk about one of the best tozo earbuds, the TOZO T12 earbuds.

This guide is for you if you don’t know anything about TOZO T12 or looking for answers to your questions about their features and what they can offer.

TOZO T12 Product Specifications

Earbud Tozo T12
Material used Plastic
Color Options 5
Connectivity Wireless
Form Factor In-Ear
Bluetooth Type  5.0
Bluetooth Range 33 feet
Transducer Size 10mm
Bass Range 16Hz to 20kHz
USB Support USB-C
Weight 1.83 ounces
Water-Resistant IPX8
Battery Life 6 Hours and 22 Hours additional with charging case
Charging time 1.5 hours with cable, 2 hours if charged wirelessly

TOZO T12 Build Quality

The TOZO T12 design and build are just like the other traditional earbuds. These are made up of hard ABS plastic. Like others, these also contain a case and a set-off earbud.

The case has a clamshell appearance with a hinge attached to the lid. This makes it a pretty secure case for the buds, and if you face a problem with your earbuds case opening up, nothing like this will happen with this one.

When you open the case, it shows the earbuds’ battery with the help of an LED screen. The case and the buds have a matte finish instead of the traditional glossy ones. This might be a bit of a bummer for others, but the best part about the matte finish is that it doesn’t get dirty quickly.

Earbuds themselves have a bigger form factor but don’t worry; they are pretty fitting and easy to wear.

Are they heavy?

Absolutely Not. The TOZO T12 earbuds are not heavy. These are lightweight earbuds with an ergonomic design that are made to fit in your ear canal deeply. The silicone ear tips are quite soft and do not feel hard on the ear. The buds are specifically designed to fit into the curve of your ear, so if you are worried about these being heavy, then there is no need to be worried.

What color options are available?

When it comes to the color options then, you have a variety to choose from. You get a total of five color options, from a dark color to a light color option. The color options that you get are Blue, Black, Red, Champagne, and pink color.

So, whether you are looking to have neutral color or want to have a pop of color, the T12 gives you both options.

Are TOZO T12 Comfortable or not?

Although a first glance, the buds look pretty big and with a big form factor. But don’t worry, these are quite comfortable when it comes to fitting in the ear. They are designed in such a way that they fit in your ear easily and will not slip out of the ear no matter what activity you are doing.

Moreover, these buds feature a fin that provides the ear with added security, and that is why these have been deemed the best earbuds for athletic activities. 

TOZO T12 Sound Quality and Performance

TOZO T12 offers a dual-mic system which is quite excellent for making calls. Moreover, the dual mic system works better if you use both earbuds together, which can cancel the background noise. But if you are working with one earbud, then it might not be efficient in canceling noises.

Is the TOZO T12 noise canceling earbud?

When it comes to noise-canceling, the TOZO T12 does not claim any feature like this, nor is there any feature like this mentioned in their description. So loud background noises can hinder your work.

TOZO T12 Connectivity and Compatibility

Can TOZO T12 connect to a windows laptop, iOS, and Android devices?

Yes, you can connect the TOZO T12 with all the devices, whether it is a laptop, IOS, or Android. The TOZO T12 is compatible with all the devices, and you can use them with any gadget. The pairing modes and methods might be a bit different, so you will have to take care of that.

How do I put my TOZO T12 in pairing mode?

First of all, take out both earbuds from the case. Make sure that you are pairing both earbuds together. As you might end up pairing only one earbud if not done correctly.

Now, after you have taken out the buds from the case, both the buds will start pairing with each other, and it will take ten seconds.

After that, the pairing of the buds with the phone will start. The buds will start to blink the red and blue light. That means the buds are in the pairing mode. Now go to your phone setting and select the TOZO buds.

Your buds are paired and ready to use.

How do I pair my TOZO T12 with my iOS and Android devices?

Pairing the TOZO T12 with any of the devices is not rocket science. Here is a simple process that you can follow for both the IOS and Android device:

  • Take out the earbuds from the case
  • They will automatically enter the pairing mode
  • Select the settings on your phone
  • Go for the Bluetooth option
  • Select the TOZO T12 from the device list
  • Both will start pairing, and you are ready to go

Can TOZO T12 connect to multiple devices?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot pair these earbuds with multiple devices. They are not designed to work with multiple devices at a time. So, you will have to pair them up with one device. And then pair them again for the other device.

That could be a long process, but as they are built like this, you will have to bear that.

TOZO T12 Control Options

Adjusting the volume up and down is not a problem. You might feel a little bit confused as there is touch control, and you might not see any markings over the case or buds. But you can adjust the volume with just one tap.

How do I increase/decrease the volume of my TOZO T12 earbuds?

If you want to decrease the volume, then tap the middle of the left earbuds and hold it for three seconds. The volume will go down. Make sure you are touching the left earbud as it is designed to decrease the volume.

If you want to increase the volume, then tap the middle of the right earbud and hold it for three seconds. The volume will go up. The right earbud is specifically designed for increasing the volume.

How to skip, forward, and stop song tracks on TOZO T12 earbuds?

You need some amount of tapping to control all these functions.

Skip/Forward: If you want to skip the song, just short press the earbud. And you will be able to skip the song.

Pause/Resume: If you want to resume or pause the song track tap the earbud once, and you will be able to pause or resume the music. As simple as that.


TOZO T12 Battery life (Earbuds and Charging Case)

How long do the TOZO T12 earbuds last?

TOZO T12 earbuds can last up to 6 hours with continuous playtime or music playing. Whereas with the charging case, these can last for as long as up to 28 hours that too with one single charge.

How long does the battery of the TOZO T12 charging case last?

The charging case of TOZO T12 earbuds lasts up to 28 hours, too, with one single charge.

How do you charge TOZO T12?

Charging the TOZO T12 is no rocket science. TOZO provides you with two charging options. Either you can go for the wireless charger, or you can go for the wired charge. It’s up to you.

For wireless charging, you can go for the TOZO wireless charger that has a USB-C port that you can attach to the wire and start the charging. Place the EarPods on the wireless plates.

For wired charge, all you need to do is connect the case with the wire, and they are ready to charge.

How long do TOZO T12 earbuds take to charge?

Well, how much time will it take mostly depends upon the means of charging you are using. Both the wireless and the wired means have different time spans of charging.

If you go for the wireless charge, then it might take you about 2 hours. It could be more or less, but it mostly depends upon the quality of the wireless charger.

If you are choosing the wired charging method, then the time is less. For most of the TOZO earbuds, if you are using the wired method, then the buds will charge in about 1.5-2 hours. This is via a fast USB-C charging cable.

So how much time it will take depends upon what you are using.

How do I know when TOZO T12 earbuds are charged?

Start charging the case and then put the earbuds in the case. When the charging starts, the LED indicator starts blinking, and a red will start to blink continuously. And you’ll also feel a bit of vibration that indicates that these are actively charging.

After the charging is complete, the LED indicator will stop blinking, and the light will continuously stay on. That means that the earbuds are ready to use.


Is the TOZO T12 waterproof?

No, as a matter of fact, the TOZO T12 are not waterproof but they are water-resistant earbuds. These earbuds feature an IPX8 waterproof feature which is the highest possible water-resistant feature. Both the earbuds and the charging case are coated with the Nano coating, which makes them water-resistant.

This feature enables you to use them whenever doing any sports activity that involves a lot of sweat. Another great thing about these is that if you want an easy cleaning, you can clean these by washing them.

Can I wear my TOZO T12 earbuds in the shower?

Well, technically speaking, yes, you can take them with you for showering sessions. These feature a water-resistant capability, so using them for showering is neither a big deal nor would it damage them. But using it underwater for prolonged hours is not advisable.

For small showering sessions, then yes, you can take both earbuds and the case with you.

Can you swim with TOZO T12?

The IPX8 rating makes them compatible with surface level swimming and not for deep-dive swimming or scuba diving.

We won’t recommend you to take them with you for swimming either. Although, the earbuds are labeled as water-resistant and the company claims that you can take them with you underwater for 30 minutes.

But the thing is that these do not perform very well underwater. You might feel the volume screwing up or the touch sensors losing their control. So no, you should avoid using them while swimming.

TOZO T12 Pros: What we like about TOZO T12 Earbuds

Following are some advantages of having the TOZO T12:

  • The IPX 8 has a water-resistant capability that enables you to take them with you to any sports or workout activity. These can also be used for water-related activities but to a limited extent.
  • The ergonomic design makes it a comfortable fit for your ears
  • It is compatible with the wireless charging
  • A good quality earbud with a powerful bass
  • Perfect fit for sports athletes as they do not slip out of the ear
  • Good for performing calls
  • The latest quality Bluetooth provides you with instant signal transmission.

TOZO T12 Cons: What we don’t like about TOZO T12 Earbuds

Just like everything has its charms, there are also some shortcomings. The same goes with the TOZO T12; although they are good at a lot of things, they also have some shortcomings of their own:

  • The battery life of the TOZO T12 is less and can be improved
  • Not a good fit for treble-heavy music
  • Does not conduct high frequency sounds very well

Wrapping UP

So, this brings us to the end of this TOZO T12 True Wireless Earbud Review guide. So, as you can see, TOZO T12 wireless earbuds have a lot to offer. You get high-quality features at such an affordable price. The sound quality is excellent. Easy pairing quality, IPX8 water-resistant capability. Best fit making these excellent choices for athletic activities.

All the above-mentioned benefits make these quite reasonable and considered the worthy choice to go for. So, if you are looking for some excellent earbuds to accompany you to your workouts or help you in performing various tasks. Then the TOZO T12 is a considered worthy choice.


Are TOZO T12 earbuds worth it?

Yes, TOZO T12 earbuds are worth a shot. These days, if you’re looking for something that can give you the same quality effect as the apple AirPods then going for the TOZO is not a bad option.

TOZO T12 earbuds are perfect for making calls, are an excellent choice for athletic activity, and they also have the water-resistant capability. These all features make them worth the money, and you should give these earbuds a shot.

Do TOZO T12 earbuds come with a mic?

Yes, the T12 does come with a built-in mic. This built-in mic captures your voice with clarity and allows you to make calls without any problem with background noise. For better quality sound, make sure you are using both the buds together.

How do you wear TOZO T12 earbuds?

When wearing the earbuds, make sure that you are wearing the right bud in the right ear. Make sure you are wearing the right bud in the right ear and the left in the left ear. Moreover, the tip of the buds should go into the ear canal.

How do you turn ON/OFF TOZO T12 earbuds?

You can turn the buds on and off by just touching and holding the control panel.

To turn on the buds: Take out the buds from the case. Touch and hold the control for three seconds. Buds will turn on.

To turn off: To turn off the buds, touch and hold the buds for five seconds, and your buds will turn off.

How do I make my TOZO T12 louder?

To increase the level of volume up to some levels, you will have to tap the middle part of the right earbud. Hold that for three seconds, and you will feel the volume increasing. Right-sided bud has been specifically designed to level the volume up.

But be sure to tap the right bud because if you will try the same method, one left thinking it will also increase the volume.

Then no, instead, it will decrease the volume because the left bud is for decreasing the volume.

What to do If there is no sound in TOZO T12 earbuds?

If you are facing sound issues or your earbuds are not transmitting to sounds, or just one bud is working. Then there might be some pairing problem, or there is a high chance that you did not pair the bud with the right method.

If only just one bud is working, then you might not have paired the bud together. That’s why only one bud is working. If that’s the case, then follow the correct method and pair the buds again.

But if there is still no sound coming from both the buds, then there might be some internal issue with the bud.

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