How to Connect Samsung Earbuds

If you are having problems connecting your Samsung earbuds, don’t worry. We have some tips for you! The following guide will walk you through the process of setting up your new earbuds so that they are ready for use!

It can be frustrating to connect your earbuds, and the connection is not working. How to connect your Samsung earbuds to your mobile phone. The process is easy and should only take a minute! We’re going to show you how to connect Samsung earbuds! There are many ways to do this, so we will give instructions to pair Samsung earbuds.

Just follow the guide given below!

How to Connect Samsung earbuds

Samsung’s earbuds are a great way to improve your audio experience when listening to music or making calls on your mobile phone. Not only do they provide excellent sound quality, but they are also comfortable and lightweight, making them perfect for extended use.

If you have just purchased a set of Samsung earbuds and want to know how to connect them to your phone, this guide will show you how. The process is straightforward and should only take a minute or two.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to Samsung Devices

Some of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, such as the Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, will automatically connect your earbuds when you insert them into the audio jack. However, this process may vary depending on which device you have. Please check your user manual or contact us if you are unsure.

For all other devices that do not seem to recognize the plugin connection, please follow the below:

  1. To make your earbuds ready for use, ensure you have the Samsung earphones fully charged and set them in pairing mode by holding down and pressing the control buttons on the right earphone.
  2. The indicator light will flash blue to indicate it is now in pairing mode.
  3. Next, turn on Bluetooth by going to settings or Bluetooth settings and selecting “pair new device.”
  4. Then select “Samsung earphones” from the list of devices.
  5. Your device will now show either “Samsung earphones connected.”
  6. Try playing some audio from your devices to ensure they are correctly connected, such as a song or video. You should hear sound through your earphones.

Please note: The steps mentioned above can also be used to re-connect your earphones to a different device if needed.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to Android Devices

Out of the box, Samsung earbuds are also compatible with Android devices running on 2.3 or higher operating systems. However, to use them, you will need to download and install an app called “Smart Switch,” available for free through the Google Play Store. You can find it by searching for “Samsung Smart Switch.”

Once installed, open the application, then follow these steps:

  1. Turn Bluetooth ON in your device settings – Bluetooth settings. Enable discoverable mode on your earbuds by holding down the control buttons until you hear a tone (1 beep).
  2. Then select Smart switch from the list of nearby devices.
  3. Your phone will now automatically connect with your Samsung earbuds and show either “connected” or “pairing” status. You will also hear a short melody.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to Apple Devices

  1. If you are using earbuds with an Apple device, you will need to switch your phone into “Bluetooth discovery” mode. You can achieve that by going to Settings – Bluetooth and selecting the discoverable mode option.
  2. Once in discovery mode, open the Smart Switch app and select “Samsung earphones.”
  3. Then click on pair. Your smartphone should automatically connect to your Samsung earbuds and show either “connected” or “pairing” status within 30 seconds.
  4. You will also hear a short melody indicating the connection is complete.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to a Laptop or Windows Computer

Samsung’s earbuds may also be connected to your computer or Windows PC through Bluetooth if it has a built-in Bluetooth adapter. To connect your earbuds, simply place them in pairing mode and follow the same steps as above using an Android device.

  1. If you do not wish to use your Samsung earbuds with a computer, we recommend switching them into “Airplane mode” by holding down the control buttons until you hear a tone (1 beep).
  2. Then click enable Airplane mode.
  3. This will prevent any possible interference from other devices such as cellular data transfer, which can cause issues when operating on wireless.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to MacBook

  1. You can connect Samsung earbuds to a MacBook computer, but it is not as straightforward as connecting to an Android or Apple device.
  2. First, you will need to download and install an app called “Bluetooth File Transfer,” available for free on the Mac App Store.
  3. Once installed, open the application and click on a new connection.
  4. Then type in “Samsung earphones” in the search bar.
  5. Your computer should now find your earbuds and connect automatically. If not, try restarting your Bluetooth by going to System Preferences – Bluetooth, then selecting “disconnect” and “repair.”


The Samsung earbuds are a versatile and convenient piece of audio equipment that you can connect to various devices. This article has covered the steps to connect them to Android, Apple, Windows, and MacBook devices. We hope you found this helpful information. 

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