8 Best IEM for Gaming in 2023

Gaming is more of a sport, and the obsession with playing games is not a bad thing anymore as long as it supplements a gamer one way or the other. So, for a voracious gamer, anything that facilitates him is worth it.

One such thing is sound and communication while playing. This facet of gaming involves headphones and microphones. IEM, in-ear-monitor, is in vogue. The majority of the gamers are now preferring IEMs.

In this article, you will get to know the eight best IEMs for gaming in 2022, so you get the best gaming experience.

Are IEMs good for gaming?

Naturally, when it comes to gaming, it naturally raises the question of whether IEMs are worth it or not.

Many factors make IEMs worthy. The sound quality is better; the details of sound are distinct. IEMs fit perfectly with the ear; they are comfortable and come in all shapes and sizes. The majority of the people are moving towards IEMs. There is a 61% increase in the sales of IEMs, which is indicative of the notion that more people are buying IEMs.

It seems pertinent to delve into IEM a little. IEMs are called in-ear monitors used by musicians, audiophiles, and audio engineers. You must have seen TV presenters with IEMs in their ears. They get instructions from producers.

IEMs are easy to carry and provide high-quality noise reduction. They are also custom-made. The audio is transferred wirelessly using VHF and UHF radio frequencies. They are undoubtedly a marvel of micro-technology.

Best IEMs for Gaming

Shure AONIC 215 – The Best iEM for Gaming

One of the best In-ear Monitoring earbuds with Bluetooth 5 technology. It has wireless audio with crystal clear sound and the best bass. The design is such that it gives unmatched comfort. Over-ear hook design not only guarantees it but also prevents falls during workouts.

Shure Sonic 215 has an environment mode; one can hear the outside world using this model. Likewise, an onboard button command controls volume, calls, and playback.

It has a longer battery time which is up to 32. A single charge gives you 8 hours. The charging case will add 24 more hours. A detachable connection makes the Shure AONIC 215 compatible to connect readily with any device.

Bluetooth 5 wireless technology increased stability, and the range is around 30 feet. Also, it can be paired with phones, tablets, and laptops.

Shure AONIC 215 comes with a two-year warranty. And in the box are various sleeves, detachable sound isolating earphones, adapters, and premium charging cases.

For gamers, Shure AONIC 215 is one of the best IEMs in 2022. It can absorb many high-frequency sounds from the surroundings. the noise-canceling property is laudable. Gamers tend to play games for longer, so comfort is a primary thing a gamer would seek. 


  • Best and immersive sound quality
  • Bluetooth module that is unique and cutting edge
  • Variety of sleeve/ear tips for a perfect fit


  • Shure AONIC 215 is relatively expensive
  • For those who wear glasses, it can be a little uncomfortable. 
  • Not as sturdy as a few gamers would prefer.


Moondrop Aria High-Performance IEM Earphone – Budget Pick for Gamers

Most gamers prefer Moondrop Aria because of its compact appearance. It comes as one of the best IEMs in 2022 that one can consider.

Moondrop Aria is one of the best In-ear microphone earphones. It has a single LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm, which is 10mm. It has a CCAW voice call the active driver.

For making the sound at its best, the tuning of Aria essentially works on the Harman curve principle. Harman curve is a specific frequency response that results in the best bass, treble, and mids. Since gamers are more prone to using ergonomics, the design of Aria is very much at par with what gamers like.

The way it is constructed, the treble response so smoother, delicate, and natural. It goes on to make sound much better than gamers always prefer.

There is a deep sub bass that makes the rumbling sound effective. The bass can be finished off excellently. There can be some slippage, and details may be compromised.


  • It is not expensive
  • The sound quality is great
  • Buds fit perfectly
  • Ergonomic design


  • The details of sound may miss out
  • The is a lack of definition


FiiO FH3 Triple Drive IEM – Premium Pick for Gamers

FiiO FH3 headphones are wired earbuds considered one of the best IEMs for gamers. Those players who have no issues with wire prefer FiiO FH3. It has the best bass. Its design is S.Turbo acoustic design; pressure relief technology is highly sought after. The cable is silver-plated with pure monocrystalline. Its design is comfy, and a gamer can wear it for a longer period while playing.

FiiO FH3 is a famous in-ear monitor with a diaphragm of 10mm. Dynamic drivers are at play, making it a great pick for gamers in 2022. With its cool waveform and metal design, FiiO stands out as a premium appearing IEM. 

The bass of the FiiO FH3 is powerful, and for a gamer, the bass gives an experience that he would always prefer. Both the upper bass and the sub-bass are clear. Also, a gamer can adjust the frequency to his liking, which is a great option. 

FiiO FH3 undoubtedly is one of the best options one can go for gaming. 


  • It is certified for Hi-Res and has the best sound
  • It is very comfortable
  • Adaptable 
  • Premium looking


  • FiiO FH3 Triple Drive are expensive


Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus – True Wireless IEM with Highest Sound Quality

MW07 plus true wireless earphones by Master and Dynamic is an in-ear monitor and is one of the hottest choices for gamers in 2022. MW07 is more premium in appearance. It has Active Noise Cancelling; it impedes the outside noise. It is going to give gamers a real immersive experience.

In addition to ANC, there is an ambient audio mode, which lets you listen to what is happening in the surroundings. For activating ambient audio mode, press and hold the volume button.

The battery time it offers is 10 hours on a single charge. The case offers three additional charges. Based on charges, it can be used for 40 hours. The MW07 is water resistant; it can perfectly work in rain without glitches. It has IPX5 water resistant technology, considered the best for water resistance. 

When it comes to design, it has a glossy design, which gives it a luxurious and premium look. Action noise cancellation is subject to touching and holding the volume controller on the left earphone.


  • Long battery life
  • Action Noise Cancellation
  • The sound quality is fantastic and immersive


  • MW07 are relatively expensive
  • It can only be paired with one device at a time


Sennheiser IE 300 in-Ear Audiophile Headphones

This German brand Sennheiser’s IE 300 is on the list of the best IEMs in 2022 for gamers. IE300 produces high hi-fi sound. It is a lightweight earphone and has a 7mm XWB transducer. It guarantees all the element sounds clear. The quality of the sound is improved due to the masking effect. 

A wide assortment of cushions made of silicone affects the sound and isolates it from the environment. IE 300 is equipped with a para-aramid and gold plated MMCX fidelity connector that is extremely reliable. It is detachable and can be changed for a balanced cable. This IEM comes with two years of warranty.

The IEM weighs 4 grams without cable and is meticulously assembled and calibrated to ensure the best performance. 

Gamers love IE 300 because of its deep bass, wide range of sound, and frequency firmness. For a small speaker, it is difficult but this IEM very well does it. 

In a nutshell, IE 300 is the best IEM for audiophile gamers. Most gamers prefer it because of the best experience they get using IE 300.


  • The sound is very clear and immersive
  • It offers a detachable cable
  • Calibrated in detail


  • IE 300 is relatively expensive


BASN B master Triple Driver HiFi Stereo Noise-Isolating IEM

Another gaming in-ear monitor is the BASN B master triple driver, one of the gamers’ preferences. The earbuds are contained in a 3D metal case. The case makes it certain that it lasts for a longer time. Moreover, it is made as such that the chances of cable getting tangled are very bleak primarily because of cable clip. 

The audio quality of BASN B is extraordinary, making it join the list of best IEM for the gamers. There is a very accurate mid and high frequency which vouch for an immersive gaming experience. 

In addition to these specifications, BASN B offers a wide range of features that include spectral testing and APTX sound that isolate the noise and ensure that the sound is clear. All these features make it the best IEM for gaming.


  • BASN B is water resistant 
  • They have noise cancellation properties
  • They also work with all the smartphones


  • BASN B are comparatively expensive


KZ AS10 Pure 5 Balanced Armature 5BA Earphone

KZ AS10 Pure 5 balanced armature driver is next in line with the best IEMs for the gamer in 2022. KZ AS210 has 5 balanced armature drivers. The drivers help in response from low to high frequency, which adds more definition and detail to sound. Gamers love such fineness in the sound. The high volume of this IEM is one of its selling points. 

This IEM is the company’s first true balance armature model that has five drivers in the earbuds. It is composed of plastic. The faceplate is transparent. The quality is decent, but it is not as good as its competitor still; it is liked by gamers.

The looks of this IEM are premium and luxurious. It comes in sturdy packaging. There are earbuds, cords, and extra sleeves/ear-tips are also included in it. 

The audio quality of AS10 is immersive, and many gamers prefer it because the gaming experience it entails is second to none. 


  • 5 balanced armature drivers in each earbud
  • High definition and detailed audio
  • It is cheap


  • There is an issue with tuning
  • The cable is not of durable quality


Westone Audio Pro X20 IEM Earphones For Gaming

Westone Audio Pro X20 IEM earphones make the list of the best IEM for gamers in 2022. This IEM had a lot to offer. It has an ergonomic design; it functions as a balanced armature driver. It has a detachable cable. As for audio quality, it has precise acoustic symmetry. 

Pro X20 IEM’s ergonomic design has been designed in a way that universally fits. It is compact, lightweight, low profile, and guarantees comfort. With its design, it has become one of the preferences of gamers. 

The balanced armature driver ensures that it provides sonic details and a desirable frequency range. 

The connector it uses is MMCX with high strength and low resistance tensile wire. The left and right earpieces are thoroughly matched with each other with a difference of more or less 2db.


  • Ergonomic
  • Best sound quality
  • Best noise isolation


  • This IEM is relatively expensive

How to Choose a best IEM for Gaming

Whenever it comes to buying an IEM for gaming, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. In a high-end IEM, there may be a miniaturized component as opposed to other speakers.

Dynamic Drivers:

You have to look at the dynamic drivers. The dynamic drivers are miniature woofers and tweeters used in speakers. In IEMs the dynamic drivers are tiny in size. There is a diaphragm that is around 8 to 11 mm in diameter. The diaphragm is connected to a coil of wire that surrounds the magnet. Such an assembly generates a magnetic field when an electric flux passes through the coil. Dynamic drivers vouch for better bass. You should make sure that the bass is as per what you desire. Being a gamer, bass must be good.

Balanced Armatures:

There are two magnets in a tiny case. There is a U-shaped armature. The magnetic field is generated when the current passes. Once the flux passes, it vibrates the armature, and vibration then goes on to move the diaphragm that generates sound. In size, it is very small; it can be as tiny as 5mm. Owing to its dimensions, there can fit many armatures in IEM. Separate drivers are there from midrange, treble, and bass. A gamer should look into these specifics as they can play an important role in decision-making. Balanced armatures guarantee an enhanced experience.

Planar Magnetic:

Certain IEM essentially use Planar magnetic drivers. This formation has a very thin mylar diaphragm and a suspended wire coil between two magnetic plates. Once the electrical signal is sent, the diaphragm starts moving. All the sounds are generated when the diaphragm moves. The same is the case is with music and sounds in a game.

A variant of a planar magnetic driver is Air Motion Transformer, AMT. In AMT diaphragm is in pleats, and when the current is passed, the pleats are squeezed, and the sound comes out. For a gamer, IEM with a planar magnetic driver can be a good pick by virtue of the quality of sound it produces.


Electrostatic is the same as planar magnetic drivers, but the difference is in the diaphragm. There is a layer of conductive material that carries a voltage. Two magnetic plates carry the audio signal. Electrostatic drivers warrant spacious and more detailed sound. Gamers prefer detailed sound. A gamer can always use IEMs with electrostatic drivers for a better experience.


Size and fitting are one of the most desirable factors. Gamers are always after proper fitting. A proper fitting can impact a great deal on the quality of sound, bass, tonal variations, and better sound as a whole. A gamer can always go after customized mold.

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, one should consider Comfort, Frequency, Noise Isolation, Durability, Build Quality, Audio Quality, and Budget. 


Are IEMs better than earbuds and headphones for gaming?

When a gamer uses headphones, he may experience headaches, which also curtails mobility. Therefore, IEMs are much better than earbuds and headphones. Most games that have used IEMs after headphones and they don’t tend to go back to them.

Can IEMs damage hearing?

As they say that access to everything is bad. When you are exposed to the high sound for a longer period, it can affect your hearing. Misuse of IEM will cause hearing damage. It is, therefore, advisable that one should use IEM wisely.

How long does an IEM last?

Normally, a good quality IEM last 3 to 5 years. It heavily depends on the way one uses IEM. If a gamer is rash and uses IEM carelessly, it will break. It is advisable that a gamer should use IEM with care. 


In-ear monitors are in vogue, and most gamers are now moving towards IEMs. The IEMs allow more mobility than headphones and earbuds. The article talked about the best IEMs ranging from Shure AONIC 215 to Westone Audio Pro X20. The best being Shure AONIC 215 is highly recommended. However, a gamer can look for IEM that he deems fit for him or her.

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